G3 era 101 - 1st place only gets blues!?

Hey how is everyone doing, I’ll be taking over for Josh for G3! Let’s spice things up here!

This era’s settings will be as follows:

  • Tick speed is 3/h.
  • Alliance size is 8.
  • 1st-place team wins 4,000 blues.
  • Global ruleset applies.
  • Tick limit is 2,500
  • 12-CT required to join an alliance
  • XPv2 is in effect
  • Relics move fast

A big bonus will be given to everyone that joins within the first day. All boosts will also be on 30% discount for the first 3 days


I hope I can live up to the high standards that Josh, Joe, and Simmen have put above me. Thank you all for your patience during this Admin lineup change and I hope you all have a great time playing Galaxy!


He forgot to tell you guys I have super units.


is there a written explanation of this yet somewhere that you can link to?


Do you not know about the updates that were done on Galaxy a few years ago?


XPv2 has 2 exp types: Transfer EXP and Base EXP. Transfer EXP is the same, a % of the losing army’s exp is transferred to the victor. Base EXP is given for each unit in a victorious battle, where at least 10 squads were involved it gives x xp for every unit on your side for every dead unit (in total)


No, am I supposed to pay attention to galaxy?


mad respect to Sakrie for clowning on Galaxy

Tfw you boost before the 30% discount was added



I’m a new player looking for team. My username is Droideka (also on the Galaxy 3 server), I have previously done well on similar games (Forge of Empires, Tribal Wars).

Edit: I’m not sure where to post this but the welcome email is really bad. It has my password in there without any sort of encryption, and the link to the forum is a link that no longer works.

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@Alexander . :upside_down_face:

Welp, sorry about that. I removed it from the email and changed the link last year, but it might have reverted on galaxy when we started switching servers around. Will take a look, thanks!

All must post brs for kenny

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Small offering to you lord @Kenny


Excellent. I hope that Joker one day collects them all.


If you ever need advice feel free to contact me.
Discord- Trip#1540
Skype- jarryd (Tripster)

I kinda like Joker, he has funny roleplay messages. Shame the team was full. Woeful build tho, NICK ya gotta help him out on chasis and build strats!

Lord Kenny…this is our ultimate offering for you. From XPv2…all hail Lord Kenny.

throw more reds away greeny :smiley:
our units are all now 2 chevs, based exp2


The blood god is pleased, but always requires more blood.

Blood for the blood god, skulls for the skull throne.


I will quench your thirst