Formal Complaint

Dear GatoGames,

I would like to file a formal complaint against GatoGames for not having the forums up on April 1st for my annual April Fools return to the forums.

This was my tenth year anniversary of April Fools returns, and I didn’t get to post anything on the forums due to what I can only assume was a bear attack on the server administrators. This is highly unprofessional, as I expect your team to be prepared for such unavoidable circumstances.

I am a reasonable man. Therefore I demand a time machine be built with all the new millions of dollars GatoGames is sure to be making so that the forums are up on time and I can get a redo.

Understandably (and ironically,) this will take some time to complete. So, in the meantime, my disappointment can be temporarily quelled by adding a full thread of literally nothing but pictures of cats playing. IS THIS NOT GATO GAMES??

I await your swift, lengthy and well-written apology.



Google kittens. Problem solved

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I’m appauled by this injustice.


I am in agreement with your proposal, Gato Games has taken steps to remedy this situation:

Please accept our apology for not avoiding this unavoidable circumstance as can be reasonably expected.