Fantasy 3 reset with a challenge!

This era if you manage to win the world and keep your alliance below 10 players you’ll all get an additional reward!

Max of 9 players - extra 150 blues each
Max of 8 players - extra 350 blues each
Max of 7 players - extra 600 blues each
Max of 6 players - extra 1000 blues each!

Please note that for alliances to qualify they must exist before tick 72 and have 4 of the original players from tick 72 still within the alliance. Max size will be considered at the alliances max player count during the era.

Few examples/guidelines:

  • If you make an alliance at the start of the world. Have 10 players from tick 1-1000 and then kick 4 players you do not get any additional blues. (Your max alliance would still be 10)
  • If you kick a member and re-add them past tick 72 they are no longer considered an original member.
  • If you get someone to join for even a split second they will bump the max player count up.
  • If you need to replace some members or get others to join feel free but keep in mind you need to have 4 original members in the alliance.
  • Keep in mind this is only for the winning alliance. (1st only)
  • If you need the extra man power you can say goodbye to the extra blues and get 10 players in from tick 1.

3000 for 1st, 750 blues for 2nd , 500 blues for 3rd, 250 blues for 4th & 5th

Alliance size will remain at 10


What if i solo?
What’s that 10k?


Smokey I don’t think you can solo this world :yum:


Come out of your protection coward.
Or we square it down on havoc what you say?
Hell ill even bet 1 red!


How many nukes do you think Elcent has?

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Not enough to silence me :hear_no_evil:


Has anyone ever taken the admin base?

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Ages back in a special event era that was the goal, to conquer Admin Seth. (One of the eras with super-units that I will bring up every chance I see because they are hilariously OP)


Any BR to show how strong they were?
I missed it :frowning:
or i was probably 1-2 years old

I think they were all lost to time unfortunately. I did find a screenshot I saved of a discussion about them on the forums.

In my more recent conversations with various admins, it turns out that ‘super-units’ have had a few different stats over the years.