Fantasy 1 Era 50


This is the only world I currently have a colony on, so it’ll be the first I’d love to see discussion on.

It’s currently tick 583 on a 4 man era. Last I remember, a war is raging between rank 1, 2, and 3 at the least. Rank 2, 0 was rank 1 before the start of this war. CoR and TNET declared war on 0 for reasons unknown. Rank 4 XPND’s leader bced that they were quitting this game and declaring war on everyone as a last hoorah.

The current territory map

Current Alliance rankings

Current Castle Ranks


Wasn’t Yang initially rank 1? OGs was their name


I suspect Dusk had a hand in CoR and TNET jumping on 0


wow, last era of XPND . They should win it.


Ah yes I believe Yang and 0 fought a war against BOAT at some point


Who will win?

  • CoR
  • 0
  • TNET
  • XPND
  • SHH
  • BOAT

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Should allow multiple options



can we get rid of this stupid 20 character rule


I agree that the limit needs to reduced or removed. What I meant was that I can see two teams winning so I’d of voted for both if possible


We had war with yang from tick 1 to nearly 500 ticks when all other team are just building up and now mostly of thing change we lose alot of units to yang


Any battle reports you can share?


this battle happened at tick 500 yang team ion us 5 time with made us to lose alot of range units


Oh wow such evenish numbers. Interesting you guys took the fight there after having fought them for 500+ ticks.


It looked like shit was going to go into action for a little bit and then nothing has happened


Is Dusk finally having to fight?


Last i logged a couple hours ago, no. No wars yet, so sad


ppb killed 0 alliance armies and he’s worker count is 29 he’s still warring and now done he done something which no one can think players were 2x more power units r more still they die to ppb

War update is



We killing dusk, coz watching him leech his way to good ranks makes me sad.

atm seems dusk only player that have logged but war have been live for 5 hrs.

dusk got to learn the new consept, how to play a war game ( ill give him a tip he kinda needs to war xD )


Is it just CoR and subs vs TNET? What about the alliances with the same confusing name that TNET currently has?


Idk, it seems that the other alliances are napped with Cor but not Cor subs, and seem to be kinda a sub of TNET?