F3 Era 115: Is it dead or not?

Tick 240:

Alliance rankings:

Player rankings:

While the number of alliances is low (10 wtf), top 4 are not doing too bad. Also, 2nd mass boost (almost) in 250 ticks, which from what i’ve seen, is 2 more than in other eras rn. The rosters have also been very changing frequently, with Venom quitting ily being the most recent, i think, change.

So, is this world actually dead, or is there some potential? If not dead, any updates on relations and wars? From what I know, ily is in war with LUA (formerly named 1, and rank 1).

It could also be just me looking to start salt again bcoz e3 seems to have ended :stuck_out_tongue:


Depressing when 2 mass boosts in 250 ticks is a highlight


This era is kinda sad ngl


1 and maybe LUA? vs ily

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10 TOTAL alliances?

Yikes. What has happened to my baby?


Don’t really think its sad. It had quite a bit of drama. Allow me to elaborate from ILY perspective.

First of all, the alliances were 1 , XO , DTA , JFF , ILY and LUA. All of which were players in the power moves during the era.

Diplomacy wise : 1 alliance refused to give ILY an NAP at start of world so it was war from tick 1. DTA had an NAP with ILY till 250 and JFF also had an NAP with ILY. LUA also declared ILY an enemy straight from the first tick. ( refused an NAP). XO accepted to be allied with ILY.

Drama : ILY begun with a full team and had engaged 1 in a war and suddenly were informed that one of their members would not be able to keep playing actively. Plans were made to replace that member however before the member could be replaced, another member got banned for some issues on e5. ( ban was lifted later ). The banned member was kicked and a new member called Venom was recruited.

A few ticks into the war, it starts looking suspicious that Venom might be a spy from his actions and apparent disinterest to communicate with the team. It later becomes confirmed shortly afterwards that Venom ( Its- Kai ) is a spy. Sending screenshots of agent placements and troop movements to the enemy team. ILY decides to create a seperate chat and continue with Venom and just bait him into thinking he is tricking everyone. Plans are developed for how to deal with him later.

War progresses and 1 alliance gets 3 members killed on one front and another member killed on a mine. They immediately fall from frontline and begin plans to merge with LUA which is also their ally.

Venom is watched very cautiously at this point as it was suspected that he would stab and spam. Surely, that was exactly what he did however , because of prior awareness , the team quickly quells his spam bomb without any major damage. He attempts to kill a sleeping member, however the member of ILY is quickly defended and therefore Venom’s stab attempt failed. He relocates to one corner of the map. He is then conquered through a quick counter move and later joins LUA.

1 alliance disbands and joins the most active members in LUA within 24 ticks. A brand new war starts all over again.

Wars : Still on-going for 340 ticks

  1. JFF and DTA warred almost all era losing ground back and forth.
  2. ILY warred with 1 and LUA all era long plus several other planted colonies.
  3. XO declares war on LUA about 40 ticks ago

BRs and details to be posted later.

In summary, its been eventful. Decent activity and a few good kills and traps. Not a perfect era but still something.


I wonder what @Trinoid is planning more who is going to stab us this time :neutral_face:




Ah yeah started JFF to try start more wars and keep it lively and think its giving both DTA members and my own something to do, seems to be plenty of intrigue alright but I am kinda a bit disappointed but sure what can ya do. I am still hoping the new Admin alliance can pull out all the stops and go for the win as that would be hilarious.


“killed on a mine”
Fnf quit the era about 30 ticks before that, and you still proceeded to suicide into the mine, then needed to attack it a second time



Stabbers gon get rekt. See you around Its- Kai snake ass stabber.


bruh this bitch boosted 22 squads


Funny how DTA have won only 2 battles this war yet comes straight into the forum when theres a half decent BR


And RC stabbed, it was my fault for talking to him about the accusations of being a spy and how i would back him up i guess i am naive for trusting people to not waste their time going for 3rd or whatever DTA wants. Stabbed right after I logged off, apparently it is what you do when you cant win a war.



JFF has literally only won 1 major battle lmao

Also, how the fuck does having a spy have to do with not being able to win a war


considering we have conquered a few of you and you got what 1 member before he left I think we know how the war was going for you, even with intel you were getting nowhere, its sad is all im saying, enjoy 3rd or whatever if we actually die xD


Congrats you conquered an inactive, and two people that weren’t in our hive lol. Spamming us doesn’t mean that you’re winning a war. RC didn’t even start spying for us until after we killed him. Also we will enjoy third very much <3


Rotem conqd, laffy conqd, lunar conqd, LH conqd, etivec conqd, arch angel conqd idk if theres more its only been a few days and you keep changing roster IT saved by apparently switching teams, cant remember all the armies killed but there were more than 1, you guys got my starter army at war start true and our newest members army true but you conquered nobody your powers lower even after swapping out members constantly and now all your doing is having one of your own guys who ya had planted backstab and are calling yourselves great. I guess the new BD doesnt mind those who backstab or use spies to try win as im sure you will have a sterling reputation now for making deals to be rank 3 afterall you are so reliable. Our armies arent dead yet and we still have plenty of willpower to at least ruin your round.


Rotem: inactive
Etivac: inactive
Angel: inactive
Laffy: inactive and also not in our hive
LH: he got liberated after we conquered 0

and uh yeah you only killed 1 army, unless you count lunar but we won that battle anyway. maybe a few squads here and there. but yeah i guess using spies now means “you can’t win a war” and “ruins your reputation”


look, this argument is a waste of time, how about we just drop it and leave and both agree no more trashtalking.


The overall powerdrop tells a diff story, any time one of your members got below in score/power you kicked and replaced. Ofc you would say no more trashtalking when I am stating facts and you know it, you guys have been broadcasting any time you thought you had the upper hand and quickly went quiet after. I would assume any leader who you message in the future who has seen this forum post will think twice about accepting any deals or trusting you enough in general and I get why thats bad for you. I enjoy the war part of this game and the diplo not callinjg out people but this is just silly, even now the person you admit was a spy is broadcasting that he never was. Play how you want but dont expect decietful plays to not get around.