Extended Downtime

We’re temporarily shutting down BD on the next hourly tick (00:00) to apply an update to one of our servers.

If performance does not improve after, a secondary update will be applied on the half-hourly (00:30) mark to further improve the situation.

After that we’ll announce more drastic solutions if needed, my apologies for the inconvenience.


Note: there shouldn’t be ticks going skipped unless something goes wrong or the second downtime crosses too close to the :40 minute tick.

Will there be a pause for at least a couple hours to make sure people have time to get back on and perfom actions?

No, it was back up within minutes. We will not do pauses for such downtimes.

Note: the second downtime is dependent on the server crashing naturally at the :30 minute mark upcoming, we won’t have a downtime if it doesn’t crash. If it does, we will. Same for the next 00:00 mark after.

Looks like it’s hanging on for now, I’ll pin a new topic to plot a downtime if it does show up again tonight.

Thanks for being proactive Alex! I know we all appreciate it even if its just flame and memes on forum!

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