Every time i try to do anything on any server i get this message... Please help



This is the worst time in the era this couldve happened too someone please help me figure this out ASAP.


Also i see this when opening alliance chat



Do you have multiple worlds open? Are you logging into the old old forums?


Are you perhaps on a dynamic isp or vpn?


No only trying to log into E3 right now. What do you mean by old old forums? and i was able to log in and play about 7 hrs ago. Now if i log in on E M F or even G worlds it will load my stats and res amount but as soon as i try to make any action like build or send units or open messages or anything at all i get the first message


Not sure, How would i verify if im on a dynamic isp, i dont have any VPN enabled. Also i have tried thru chrome, firefox, and Edge no fix


You can use Puffin (it exists for desktop too) for now for a quick (near-guaranteed) fix.

Sounds like something on your device is blocking sessions, I’d suggest trying to shut off any antivirus or other programs that may be interrupting your net.

If it does persist on puffin, it might be something else. PM me your username ingame then and i’ll see what I can do =)


I’ve been looking for this desktop puffin for a while now so I can play bd on a computer I use when Im away that unfortunatly blocks websites on google, where can I find it? I cant seem to locate it…