End of Battledawn?

Nemesis here. Many of you don’t know me but I started playing the game way back 6 years ago. I am saddened by the state of the game and I wonder whether BD is gonna survive for another few years or not. I am currently playing a few eras and its disheartening to see only 25-30 active players in each era. The game seems to be a slog and as all of us are growing up, either we have hectic jobs or no job at all which brings me to the point:

  1. Innovation: BD has stopped innovating a long time back. There is literally nothing new in the game. Its same stuff over and over and over again. The fake colonies and lack of actual players is disheartening because people are too bored or too busy. There is no incentive to play.

  2. Incentive: When do people like a game? I am sure everyone here has played different multiplayer games on a PC or iOS. What makes you come back and play more? If you feel you have a chance at winning. Everyone wants to win. But its the same loop once again which is the unfairness of red tokens. And I understand the game has to earn but the disparity is alarming. 10$ can get you a 1000 tokens in the US where 10-15$ is the minimum hourly wage. In countries like India and the Phillipines, 10$ is equal to 2 days pay for a respectable job. Poorer countries cannot keep-up with the richer ones even if they want to.

Required change: Please balance the monetary amounts as per country to ensure equal opportunity for all

  1. New players: BD is quite bad at attracting new players. The primary reason is that people enter BD and get mauled by money spending rich guys and they leave. Simply put, no one has the time or patience to try more than a couple eras before they leave. Experienced teams also don’t bother to pickup newbies. Hence I feel it’s important to have a no red tokens era where everyone can try their hands before gaining enough experience. Also it may result in an influx of other players who would like to play a few eras without being destroyed completely. These players will eventually start playing the red token eras when they know they can compete.

  2. Evolution: A game should be fun and entertaining. It shouldn’t be unhealthy and stressful. BD needs to evolve. Except some hardcore old gamers and jobless people, no one has the time to spend 24 hours per day on a game. All eras should gradually move towards player friendly time zones like E4 Event. Literally 3 top 10 rankers in an ongoing era left because of job pressure and internships.

If BD does not do something about these issues, its not long before BD dies down completely. Of course the BD management has their trickle of dollars flowing in and every Championship Era they hit gold but it wont last long if BD won’t look into these problems.

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I hope these things will be fixed in BD2

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I agree, I think the focus is on BD2 now…but the question is how much longer do we have to wait?

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I believe that there will hardly be any changes in BD 2. BD was promised way earlier in June 2020. What must they be working on I wonder?

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I want to throw myself off a cliff everytime I think of the time and energy and money I wasted on this game (~1.5-2k throughout 10 years)


2k $ is the half-yearly salary of people in India. That’s what I am talking about. The rate of foreign exchange is crazy but BD don’t care, do they? No fair play or trying to create an equal pay to win even as long as everyone burns through cash for clicking buttons. Laughs

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It’s been expressed quite clearly that BD is not a focus atm, and all efforts are towards BD2 production making sure they can released a finished product.

In terms of changing the red system per country, that means I can just send money to an indian teammate to buy 10x the reds I would normally get


You’re right Excel which is why sending tokens to other players should also be banned so that people can’t take advantage of this. As it is, the existing rule is unfair and the new rule would be taken advantage of unless token sending is banned. So many years this game been running and no had any problems. Probably this game wanted to be a strategy game for pay to win players and free to play players slowly eroded away.

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Yeah bribing seems to be a great strategy as long as you have money. Money rules the world haha

As someone who has spent a fair bit on tokens over the years, bribing is almost never utilized and pretty much never worth it. Any significant portion of reds is far better spent on my own army or an alliance member’s army. As well as anyone worth bribing would require far more tokens than most would be willing to spend.

Diplo/relations rule the game more than paying people off. People being rude/an asshole have more often than not been bitten in the ass over it (myself included). Game will also operate differently with a lower population of players


“bribing is almost never utilized and pretty much never worth it.”



I miss you all greatly <3

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aye wassup bro :heart: