Earth 5 - Era 89

This era, prizes as follows:

1st: 4000
2nd: 3000
3rd: 2000
4th: 1000
5th: 750
6th-10th: 500

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@Ash so when does it start

@Larry right now lol

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Tired of seeing Red smoke players getting unban …Their multies still banned

Good account sharing between multi accounts Iceman and Icegirl lol

@Ash can you please check for account sharing. Their ign Meat shield and Itroll24ticksfromme

Nothing will happen, Joe used to check and ban atleast even if he did take some time, Ash just straight up ignores everything including things which are agreed to be wrong on e5( note i am not saying anyone is cheating just that Ash doesnt bother at all on e5).

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I check every report promptly, but I can only enforce the actual rules, I cannot ban based on things being ‘agreed to be wrong’.

I was referring to the global rule set and things like being conqoured by someone and attacking their enemies. In fairness you used to be a very active fair admin in the past but in the last year you just stopped.

Eh. Context does matter. You can have multiple enemies yourself in an era and attack whatever is the most convenient at the time, I’ve done it. The difference between being a conquer-farm and just being conquered is fairly obvious. Sometimes I’ll “hide” as being conquered to make it less obvious I’m building or a threat or to keep full control tick over my colony.

When the account name is something like “Meat Shield” it does kind of imply non-kosher intentions with regards to the rules.


Okay, guy is sitting in NZ whole place full of coloniesand ops fine thats normal. He has them conqoured also normal. I find a gap and move. Bam nearly all of the conqoured guys (all with no units 1 guy had a few squads) start building pure Anti me and suiciding into critical ops(being NZ everything is critical) . I kill some then withdraw, and all the guys go back to being inactive conqours. That is bannable, not the guy im attacking but the conqs, esp in solo

I mean, yea, that’s fairly obviously some bullshit that Ash should be banning

This is one of my gripes in general about BD, every Admin has a different interpretation of the rules. There have been numerous discussions in the past about the current rules and what should be changed or re-worded and yet nothing is ever changed. If it’s agreed to be wrong and against the spirit of the rules, but is not in the letter of the rules, it is still against the rules.

I’m as available as ever, and as ever, I answer every report I get. You’re free to PM me for my skype if you don’t already have it.

PM me ingame if you see and issue you’d like to see resolved. I can’t deal with reports that I’m not sent, I’m not a psychic and it helps nobody to complain about an issue that you won’t tell me about. If I don’t resolve it to your satisfaction, I always always always explain why if asked.

You might not like me, you might not be a fan of my style, but every report gets read, every question gets answered. I’m serious about my job and I do it to the best of my ability - I can’t always promise the outcome you want, but I’ll give any report a fair shake and a fair look.


mmm funny how e5 players pull out ? dead world when it was the best world