Earth 4? What Happened?

As a player of the OG client game, and did a mild comeback a couple years ago; I have always played on Earth 4. Just curious what happened to it?

I saw MaliceWolf is still active, you might remember me Lord Odisious? I know I retired after a very bad decision I made. Maybe you still remember me?


Lack of players happened. BD started to lose players since 2014 and barely had enough players for its 17 servers (BD + BG combined) , so they cut down 06 servers M3,E4,F4,F5,G3,G4 (later G3 and G4 were again added back).


Thats unfortunate, but I am happy to see BattleDawn still lives in some form.


Also my lack of reply to my own question informs me. My daughter had a medical emergency that required my attention for several days. I assume many legacy players also have family things they have to deal with, and as such a game takes a back seat.


Sorry to hear this buddy. @Malicewolf is still around, albeit an admin now.


Yes, I’m still around. E4 atm is closed up, but we ran an event era on it a while back. Hopefully, we can reopen it up for yet another event in the near future.

And yes, I remember you. Welcome back.


Are you suggesting you are a legendary player?


Legacy is not the same as legendary

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@Hitmo, @Excel is the most right. I didnt claim to be either. but legacy is the most accurate. When I played I was a hothead kid and made a big splash. The Alliance I was in won 3 times with me as #1 player for 2 of them. I retired after a bad decision, but I had gotten to know many prominent players. Malice Wolf was one of them, all I was asking was face value, did he remember me. Im not the same person I was a decade ago, it was just nice to see a familiar name.

Edit: I realize I said legacy in a previous post, I meant Malice Wolf not myself, but I understand the assumption that I included myself with that. Also my daughter is fine now, she had strep throat and walking pneumonia. Both seem to have been cured as of this time.


I wanted to include @Malicewolf and @Alexander but as a newcomer to these new forums I could only include 2 per post.