Earth 4, 2 hours per day, 12 ticks per hour

Yes, you read correctly! We’re sticking with the 2 hours per day with a tick speed of 12 ticks per hour. But we’re moving it 1 hour ahead from 6 PM CET to 5 PM CET.

The ticks will run from 5 PM CET to 7 PM CET. It will also run on the weekends.

(Ignore the date)

Relics will be out early, and the tick limit will be 1000.
6 players per alliance. Hope to see you there!

I’m a returning player and looking for an alliance. I used to play a few years ago with Lord of Bones, Lawmpy, Egyptian soldier and the team. However, we went inactive after some time.

I’m now returning and looking for a good alliance. I’m a little rusty and not as good as you guys but I can surely learn from you if you give me a chance.


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so people with jobs cant play again nice

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When is the BD client coming out? The flash support from chrome goes down in 10 days :3