Earth 3: The duo that desire


To achieve victory in battle dawn is simple enough. You can forge coalitions for mutual benefits by using the pen. But sometimes it isn’t so easy, and when that happens, you must get what you want through iron and blood. The path to the top is made visible by a gory trail. Earth has descended into anarchy, with hundreds of colonies appearing on every bit of land possible, all have the same desire, to be the one who is at the top. Out of the hundred or so colony leaders, we’ll be focusing on person. They founded their colony in Greenland, and immediately made an alliance with someone they’ve been fighting with in the Fantasy Dimension, called Dvastate. Neither of them have achieved total domination, or have even been close to tasting it. But with a new beginning on Earth, and filled with hope of being among the elite commanders, they began to expand. Quickly, they conquered every colony in Greenland, and formed a coalition with another alliance. They planned to crush that alliance at some point, but securing the homeland was enough for the time being. They went out of Greenland, into Canada, and along this rapid expanse, which took place in just a few ticks, another commander had joined the alliance, oddly enough, they both shared the same name, ‘Holo’. That would be confusing, but with that hope burned into their minds, they continued their conquest into Canada, taking down colony after colony with little resistance. As time moved on, it was apparent that they no longer had a chance at being on top, some commanders had already gathered hundreds of soldiers, with an alliance of 6 members. WIth the two Holos and Dvastate, they only made 3. There was still hope. And where there was hope in Holo and Dvastate, there was blood. Every tick there was a battle. The idle engines of squads moving across, to and from battles. Some squads never left their destinations, other left, celebrating on the way back to the main base. And then, the expansion slowed. They met another alliance’s border, one who boasted 5 members, and nearly double their power. The expansion continued to slow. Did the other alliance know of our presence yet? Holo thought, he was more of a diplomat than a tactician, recently he had formed another coalition with a powerful alliance, although they were way off into Antartica. Holo grew worried about this alliance, did they expand too fast, unable to even sustain themselves, and would that rapid expansion be their undoing? Or would they be forced back to Greenland, and even then, would their be dangerous foes waiting for them to dare leave the homeland? Holo didn’t know, he still had his desire for conquest, but that flame turned to glowing embers, and the clock sat 5 minutes away from midnight.

// I decided I wanted to write again, as it was something I used to love doing back in my younger days, and what’s better material than my battledawn antics?

//Edit: I also know my writing is absolute dog dung, so you don’t have to tell me.


Always have an army where you suspect an attack would come


So Holo was my spirit animal all along. Who knew?