Earth 2 -Era 93

Well lets post some brs,interesting era i must say

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No, it isn’t. It’s absolute garbage

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It started off as a boring era, but when the top team becomes lazy, it can lead to an unexpected opportunity for the others. Here’s my rendition of the era as lazyness turned what should have been an easily farmed era into a hard-fought battle.

Unfortunately, I don’t have screenshots of how this era unfolded, but essentially when relics were released Godz (lead by Keith) took 3 of the relics and began moving them towards the very east of the map and HINI took 1.

At this time there were 4 main teams on the map. Tool in NA, HINI in Asia / NA / Africa, Godz in Asia / AA / Aus and SIB (myself and a team of people I haven’t played with before bar FNF).

The initial plan was to kill TOOL in NA as they had previously beaten Godz or HINI (cant rememebr which) in war, so we believed they were the larger target. However once the relics were taken, and Godz showed no sign of giving them up, TOOL was left alone and preparation was made to kill Godz. (Turns out that Godz had planned to stab us as well alongside a few others as you will see below, but their stab happened to be planned for the day after ours, so we got in first)

This preparation due to lack of motivation and leadership, alongside inactivity by SIB members stalled out for way to long. 2 members had to stop due to IRL issue before the war even started and 1 was very very unreliable (Focus98). So even before the war started we were down to 7 members. Fortunately we had a pretty big power lead, and so when the stab finally happened, we were able to sweep up most of Godz network and get a few relocations out of their members both in defence and to unlock sleeping memebers. Unfortunately, no major kills was achieved. (Edit: This may be false, going through BR’s it looks like we killed Noob)

I went to bed later that day and awoke to an absolute shit show. During the night both HINI and TOOL had stabbed and so we quickly lost NA / EU / Africa and east AA as they were spamming full squads and army which easily tore through our anti spams.

We were being pushed back at an incredible rate, so we decided that it was best to fall back and defend smaller the smaller more manageable areas of SA and AA. I can’t remember if we ever truly lost Africa, as I think there was always at least one member in there?

FNF (who had taken over Aus) quit due to a few reasons, one being IRL issues, and so we were left with just 6 members. Tatte, however, rejoined the battle after having IRL issues, putting us back at 7. TOOL, fortunately, were inactive and although they were able to push easily at the beginning, Tatte and Pr (or maybe Rohit?) were able to defend Mexico from them and pick up a few big kills on there most active members.

At this time PLO joined the team and was able to stop an advance by “Try Again” (HINI’s most powerful member who had the second most power in the era, I think).

After going back and forth, spamming, faking, defending, the usual war stuff for a week I believe?, there was no major losses from either side. FNF after seeing how we hadn’t given up and were doing alright, joined back and started attacking from Aus once more (his army was never killed).

This caused a few members from both HINI and Godz to fall back. I’ve got bored of writing this, so essentially after a hard fought war, including a few lockdowns, a few random suicides (thanks Antrax xoxo), a few BD clock errors, a few traps and a few sleepers caught, these brs were captured. Fortunately, most of Godz had died before ICEMAN n friend joined, so defending from him was a lot easier.

Major BR’s I was apart of (always the single / double squad killed but there was a lot of those, so don’t want to waste time putting them all up):

Thanks Mr.Rank 8 boat for being such an easy kill and pretty well useless throughout the war xx (he was asfaskfausg)

The below battle was right after the above, hence why there was so little armor.

Obviously there are lot more BR’s but I wasn’t apart of them.

Moral of the story for the newer (and some veteran players), don’t slack off on an era just because you’ve established a lead and everyone on the map is “allies”. Kill everyone.

Feel free to correct me on anything, GG all.


cmon …we slept in your hive for hours,you were bad as we were ,u just had bigger army thats why u won

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Although each of the 6 (and at times 7) members had 45ish squads, we had two major disadvantages. We were very mixed as can be seen in these BR’s (i.e we had to build explosive, beam and concussion). As such head on fights between teams would most likely go the enemies way, as can be seen in the efto/pano, the Antrax br, and the Godz br as they built almost exclusively anti tank. If you were unaware, explsoive only does 25% dmg to inf and 50% to veh, likewise beam only does 50% to tanks and 25% to inf. As such any one of our armies were not effective alone.

We lost a large portion of our income (mines and conquers) as war began and conqs got deleted, so we couldn’t rebuild quickly when we took these losses.

HINI came very close to our power (which included the 280ish power of Focus, whom didnt log during the war), if you add Godz and TOOL’s power to that I believe you would have surpassed us in power?

And lastly, but most importantly, having more squads is not the end all and be all of winning bd…maybe if you had used smarter tactics, like spies, feints, you would have done more :slight_smile: hope this helps you in the future


btw,I let u farm xp on me :stuck_out_tongue:


Wow thanks for the advice i didnt knew that.



I’ll get you one day faker mark my words