Earth 1 is back!

As we all know, champions era was played out on Earth 1, Champions era is over, and it’s time for Earth 1 to start a new era!

I will be missing Josh, but I’m really looking forward to seeing who returns to conquer the world, and who comes to challenge them.

I hope to see you all there!


Is this the last E1 on browser??

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What do you mean “on browser”?

Wasnt there talks that there will be an app out by December to continue playing BD once all browsers block flash from 31st of December??

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App? I dont think so, it’s still going to be on a browser afaik

I thought by desktop version he meant an app.

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Is anyone even playing E1 lol?


There was a bit of struggle by an alliance called BD which was rank 1 for some 100 ticks and then it just died one day.