Earth 1, era 55

Congratulation to CwL for winning last era, and welcome to all alliances who want to win this one!

Tick speed will remain 1, and alliance size will remain 10.

Prizes for the era will be
Rank 1: 3000
Rank 2: 750
Rank 3: 500
Rank 4-10: 200

So join for the bragging rights of having won Earth 1!

Hope to see you there! :slight_smile:


Starting Era

War SITH vs SDLZ in Asia
War LMP vs WOTS in AA



Surprised no one’s posting about this era. It looks pretty interesting so far.
From what I can see, it looks like ToY is slowly losing ground in Europe from WOTS and THZ. Looks like ToF has stepped in to help ToY out in Africa by holding the 2nd front on the western coast.

DAA seems to be pushing up from Aussie as well. From the looks of it, seems like ToY bit off more they could chew, but considering they got 4 fronts, they seem to be holding out pretty well. Hopefully will be interesting era


it looks like el classico one alliance owns africa/asia and the other owns na/sa and sometimes maybe AA…

i’ve seen this scenario so many times… u.u

best of luck to ToY

I know it sucks dealing with multiple fronts :frowning:

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Yup, as you said, the 3 teams coming after them are slowly but surely pushing their way into Asia.

SDLZ (formerly ToY) are now ranked 3rd with WOTS taking over as rank 1. WOTS has made a huge push in both Europe and Africa, with the help of TC (formerly THZ). It seems like ToF has backed down for the most part as they seem to have been pushed back to Svalbard.

DAA has made a major push up north from Aussie into China and have even conquered one of SDLZ (Hans).

SLDZ’s power ranking has dropped by nearly 400.


Yet another drastic change in the map in about 24 hours worth of time.

DAA has made a huge push into Asia and WOTS is still pushing away into Asia from the EU/Africa front. SDLZ is losing ground fast and it seems like someone else lost an army as they are down yet another 200 power.


Aren’t you with SDLZ

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No, i am not. I’m merely a watcher :slight_smile:

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Things seem to be simmering down. SldZ are now pushed into the upper northeast corner with DAA on their doorstep along with WAM. WOTS seems to be preoccupied with a ToF member in the north and hasn’t pushed in any further against SldZ. ToF has dropped down to 9th (previously 5th) after a member got locked and killed in Norway.

Also, in other news, it seems like LotD are at war with TC. However, no clue on the details on that myself. Someone else will need to chime in on that front.


Interesting side note: while both WOTS and DAA had started the era with most in AA, it now is mostly DAAs land.

Anyway, can the will the 2 be fighting each other any time soon?

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No clue what WOTS and DAA’s relationship with one another is. Could be actual allies, could just be mutually assisting one another against common enemy. But as things are wrapping up, I can only assume we’ll find out within the next couple 100 ticks.

And as a side note, though DAA seemingly has more territory, the majority of it is AA, which is fairly barren in terms of res ops.

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