Earth 1 Era 51 is starting


Hey everyone, it’s good to be back, let’s get this party started!

Hoping to see some old and some new faces this era. It will be a fairly standard one with 10 players per alliance, and some garrisons spread around the world trough the era. There will be 10 relics, and you need to hold them for 100 ticks to win.

The prizes of the era is:
Rank 1: 3000
Rank 2: 750
Rank 3: 500
Rank 4-10: 200

You also get 500 extra if your alliance ends up with all the relics!

I’ll be jumping around the world, trying to pay everyone a visit. Feel free to message me with any questions, or just to say hi :slight_smile:

Hope to see you all there!


So glad to see you back Simen.

Hopefully it’ll be a good era, looks like there will be some early friction between CRH and 2X (2X appears to be some of last era’s winners) so that might be something to watch. Sity has South America on lock and will probably war RAZZ early for North America, maybe TLA as well for AA. Seems Australia is completely empty so maybe some late placers could profit from going down under.


if Alex’s team wins, I’m simply going to call admin hax and avoid adressing my own failures.

if Alex’s team loses, I’m better than Alex.

its a foolproof system.


Don’t worry, I think I can go max 200 ticks before I ban Alex for fun <3


Almost 7 full alliances , this looks like fun.


There are definitely 5 potential contenders here.


Need a chilling alliance


Tick 33.

Looks to be an interesting era shaping up.


Tick : 59

Almost 10 full teams.


subtle token flex…


Its not even that visible :stuck_out_tongue:


Selling popcorns this era
Anyone? :3


I’ll take 4 bags!


I’ll take 2X that much


Bit of conflict arising in AA


Looks like CRH made quick work of 2X
and Sify is also pushing TOH in AA.


CRH will die soon :ghost:


Beware corgis are very deadly fighters



Very deadly indeed


Keep this thread alive Guys
Now if anyone shares the intel on who is who that would be very interesting and what are the diplomatic relations with everyone like nap etc.