E5 - RoFL vs BBE and RIP

Hi folks, first time posting in these forums, hope people remember me from old times - lol.

So it was a nice comeback era for me in e5. Sadly BD went more toxic than it was before, backstab is a lot more common these days it seems.

Never mind, this war in e5 had a lot to offer - RoFL as usual were outnumbered, and at a point, we were fighting 21 men with armies. Still, we got blamed for using multies and stuff lol while BBE guys planted people to rush armour and attack with them. Enough said, here are some BRs.

Well there are many more BRs to go, will upload more if requested.
Hope the backstab we faced just 50 ticks before the NAP expiry was worth it…


Hope the consequences were worth it.


Show full br’s noob……

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Era is still ripe, don’t wanna reveal armies just yet :innocent:

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Hello, am curious how I would find how to get to the game now days? Old player but can’t seem to find a post anywhere explaining where to go to play anymore. Send me a discord friend request if you wish to help Purple Sus#0208

Glad to see you @Sayan, not sure if you’ll remember me, the last time we had a chat was around 7-8 years ago. I’m myself posting on the forum maybe after like 2 years time or maybe even more.

Also glad to see other folks like Gen & muha around. I did not know they were still around. I had heard that the game was as good as dead.

Yea sure, mate, will hit you up.

Yeah @Hitmo , I obviously remember you. It’s awesome to see some of you old lads still hanging around.

As for the game, it seems like dead, or people are waiting for BD2. I have been playing after 7-8 years also, it’s been a fun couple of eras.

But you know, I find competition. People gonna ditch those free wins soon enough :wink:

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@Sayan You missed the fact you got carried. You’re welcomed.


Yeah sorry I missed the part :innocent: , Muha deserves most though, without him we wouldn’t have won.

Actually true. I’ll let you hold the relics this time

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