E5 Era 93 242 noob winner xD

he wanted to see if i can survive for 200 ticks :rofl: :rofl: see what happened to him :joy:

at first he sent his Pawns idk how he was thinking really then Dead :joy:

1- https://prnt.sc/uebzm9

2- https://prnt.sc/uebz3l

so after it when he came to my eu after a few ticks :joy:

then he ran back to gl and get killed :skull:

idk how but he was sure i don’t get a medal :joy: and i was almost killed him and his team and got 1st only cus he was taking his teams crystals after i kill and i got no enough ticks to get him Cuz he was going to relocate his calony so that make him he won it that way :joy: idk him but he is really funny

(The relocation op ) :joy:

and when he lost hope he asking my friends to atack me :joy:

the different status between the 2nd and someone buying the relics from the enemy lol

even i can’t see you on the map :joy:
also i hope you don’t forget the time when pp counqered you on the begging of the war yo big noob xD

so i am hopping to make the ticks in e5 unlimited or even put more 1k ticks like in G4

i might understand how you mad at us and crying
after we fucked your e4 XD
go to hell loser


Its okay bro…i know u feel bad that ur stab didnt work. it happens…if this makes u sleep at night , then be it :slight_smile:


Appearantly you guys who stabed not me i almost did nothing just killing your noob team :yum:

oh lol, so u finish 1st on that era?


Yeah i did :joy: :rofl: if i got just more 200 tick to get his op in AA will be perfect but :upside_down_face: i didn’t

-stabs to get first
-fails and gets second instead
-brags about it on forums



tell me which part i stabed they start to atack me first and that noob can’t even keep his relics safe to end the era :joy: just keep crying that i am the one who stabed also i wasn’t planning at the start to get 1st or even 10th so i almost lost nothing idc about 1st he is dead isn’t him ? :slightly_smiling_face: :joy:

lol, we dont talk about win or lose the war
we talk about win or lose the era
if we only talk about win or war, aa bloc win some war too lol

i dont log e5 after raze my ops 6 ticks before era end. i think u win the era then u create this thread lol


i think i dont care who stab who
this is solo, everyone can do everything
im just a lil bit confused, if u didn’t win the era why u make a thread. what do u want to show to everyone?

he won with the score he got 7 relics and even when i got my 3 the different score between us will be like 300 idk he was boosting for his score i guess that with the crystals that he got from his team also so if that era has unlimited ticks i could won it easily … and it ends without even he won or i won he just got more score nothing else lol

lol, talk about reality man, dont need to talk about ur dream “i win if i …” “i will win if he/she …” :rofl:

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idc about the win anyway i wasn’t ftw he just stabed me so i became :joy: idk how you thought i won it anyway i just got it for like 40 ticks or maybe 20 then he take someone’s of his teams crystal to be 1st lol :joy: appearently it’s your dream not mine idc too much to be 1st but he is too bad to be :slightly_smiling_face:

if u dont care about the win, so who will care about u?
no one care about losers btw


i can’t do that much in 250 ticks really so all this talk is for nothing appearently i won it he just got the golden medal and 1k tokens than me ? :joy: and sending his team to die to me :joy:
none of my team even lost 1 squad :rofl: also he wasn’t going to give me his buyied relics what ever i do ! so it is smarter not to be ftw i think since i only got 60 ticks will not help and he is taking crystals from his team idk what you wanna me to do really :joy:

Does that even make any sense?


Idc if it make or not isn’t that what bd about just some useless medals ?
i just didn’t got it untill now it is a shame win that he got why you all are still annoy me ?