E 3 era 118 same as las full of inactive boots

anothere farmer world with one few team at war

oh shut up cry baby, go continue to account share with bazzar ices gato and fatima, or go call papi PLO like you always do to feed reds. Please get yourself banned again. Funny how all 4 of you sleep same time, wake up same time, i never see just 1 of you move, and not the others. Not to mention your other multi “waching” you planted to spam. You all speak the same, type the same, BC the same. So obvious. Thats why YOU (one person) always go to e5 where your cheating comes in most handy.

Earth 3 is sacred grounds, dont disrespect it with your scumtivity.


i got them banned on e5 last era LMFAO


you can think what you like you are top 11 no crital no war if you feel we are the same yes we are and you can ask the team that was with us that we most have the same 4 computer to speak at the same time we only get benned in e5 becuase we tol the new admin to go F HIM SELF only fix appoli to admin not us see you are poor man or baby that up set why you call plo name so much is because you have envy or he most do you real good or may be your mom or sister some one in your family or you baty mans all around most be is old thing if you speak about me is because iam doing something good if not you are no one like you no one speak about you go and get crital take my it will not her my ego lol batyman

your house may fed on my kitchen :slight_smile:


Admin Ash isnt a new admin you got banned for placing multiple accounts under the same vpns (IP) Clearly cheating.

the only batyman here is your clown ass.

I’ll get you clowns banned again if I have too it wasnt that hard.


lol sure papito you can try but we was banned for telling baty man like your self the true baty man play with man in game all day lol if it was so like you master speak why the banned was remove from fix ? donot forget poper was banned to and gato not el gato those are player that play years

iam not the one in picture that look real baty man

@BAZZOCA thanks for making sure my stats where not completely rubbish. I will see you again BD2