Do something with Galaxy

Why admins are not interested in galaxy? they dont enter, dont do fun eras… they made galaxy die.

Why they dont do nothing??

Why not a Galaxy CE??

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Because nobody would play it


All galaxy is is a way for real player (bd players) to exploit the system and farm easy wins on galaxy using families so they can take those tokens and use them on bd.


why not?

if you can win 20k blues, you will not play it? if its so easy

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I did play it before. Some of the easiest wars i ever had because nobody there knows how to play. I won some tokens there which i then took to bd and spent in bd

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Galaxy had a G3 event , maybe u missed it ??

when was it? year ago?

that is 2 years ago bro

Yes they should remove galaxy

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They should remove you :unamused: :face_vomiting:

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Galaxy will be assigned new admins this month, who will make it more fun again.

Galaxy is smaller so gets a bit less attention from us, but we’re still committed to it. E.g. with Josh past galaxy events, our big bugfix update to galaxy (admittedly quite some time ago) and so on :slight_smile:

Keep in mind though, galaxy doesn’t even have a tenth as much players as .com does. We want it to do well, but we just cant spend as much time there.


So you mean BG won’t be removed when BD2 is here?

And please tell Admin Joe to release relics in g2 and we want an fast tick event era maybe G5.
We want @Malicewolf Josh to be the admin as he is the only admin who actually cares for Galaxy.

Thank you

Do you guys have a battlegalaxy like general chat on skype/discord or something? Add me to it @lolowut on skype or Kenny#5478 on discord.

You guys are a niche community so I definitely want to help arrange events and such, but I honestly know too little about you guys.

No. It will not be. We consider Galaxy a unique alternative to BD1 and 2 and will continue to offer it seperately.

Second this. Please invite me as well

i send you skype msg

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Me too…I used to play BG a lot when it had some more players. (Before TK completely took over it. DEA,FurY, DOGS time)


TK dont dominate nothing this days

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I know, I joined infinity in his final rounds.Then saw TK was gone when i came back

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Is it intentional that you can raze ops with 12 CT instead of 24 on Galaxy?

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