Do not try to introduce your friends to Battledawn!

I recently spent a good amount of hard earned cash on this game because I really enjoy the concept. I spoke to one of my friends about the game over a few drinks one night and he was at my house a few days later.

I got him to make an account!! We were really happy. I never thought much of it either. I was in an alliance with another team and he was just trying things out on his own. He was sat next to me of course whilst I tried to show him how to play.

Few days later Simmen has banned me! Apparently for using multiple accounts.

I hope the admins look into this and correct their error. I’m mid battle in Mars 1 and I have benefited 0 from this “Second account”.

Kind Regards

One of the first things you learn about the rules is to not account share/have multiple accounts, which clearly means do not have another account planted on the same world you’re on when you share IPs.

Don’t be salty that you got caught, just take the L and make a new account and don’t fucking cheat anymore.


Also, even if you hadn’t been banned for multi’ing, your “friend” would’ve gotten banned for this little maneuver.

You are not allowed to do things that would benefit your conqueror (such as suiciding armor with their attack on an enemy colony, even if you suck too much to actually do it correctly).


For starters I didn’t get banned from Mars1. I was banned on F2. Secondly, I’m not salty at all. It sounds more like you’re unhappy my mate was hassling you and laughing about it…

So all that means is that the admin of F2 caught you cheating before the M1 admin did and banned you based on what he saw on F2.

Both accounts are still banned on both servers. So yes, you did get banned from M1 as well.

All I’m here to do is point out how stupid you were for thinking anybody is gullible enough to fall for your porn script level of storytelling.

I could care less about a random colony attacking one of my alliance mates, especially when he launches his single squad attack eta 9, just like all the rest of you trash nubs.

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Enjoy life little guy!