Didn't get as much tokens on Earth 5 as I am supposed to be getting

HI! So I finished rank 22 in the current Earth 5 era which is presently in Havoc. As per the rewards arrangements, I am supposed to be getting 750 blues, but I received only 250 from the Admin.


where does it say 750 blues? thats quite a lot for 22nd place


Haha, tbh true lol. Well, as far as I remember, as per last era, it was 26-30 ranks get 500, 16-25 get 750, 6-15 get 1000 and so on. I can’t particularly find the prize list for this era anywhere so I cannot really confirm for this era. Don’t know if any major tweaks has occurred in the prizes. But one of my friends finished rank 21 (one rank above me) and says to have received 750 blues.
So, I am not sure anymore haha.


5000 1st // 4000 2nd // 3000 3rd // 2000 4th // 1500 5th // 1000 6th - 15th // 750 16th-25th // 500 26th - 40th.

I recommend you to pm the admin on Skype: smneep.

Or @Ash . Because he took about 3 days to give the tokens out. :slight_smile:


Sorted you out when I got your PM the other day :slight_smile: It was my fault, the prizes for osme positions are part-automated and part manual, and I think your rank changed at the era ended (it recalcualtes all scores) causing you to jump positions and get skipped. Should be all sorted now.


haha no problem admin :smiley: