Diary of an Armor Unit

Tick 1
My name’s Daniel, I was rushed in recruitment on tick one to serve in a two man squad with a guy from the damage division. Our orders are to take a metal mine three ticks from the colony. I was armed with a IW-80 A2 assault rifle, it’s the least powerful rifle our colony has but they gave us extra armor to make up for it. My squad partner, Mike, is a commando. He was trained to use a MK48 rifle at long range to kill his targets. According to my squad leader he wasn’t given the same armor as we were, so I’ll have to cover him if things hit the fan at the mine.

Tick 4
We landed at the mine after a long flight. While we were unloading from the air ship a bullet hit the side of it. It was a rifleman from another colony who had gotten here the same time we did. He was wearing the same heavy armor I was wearing, he must have been from the same division in his own colony. Before the rifleman could fire again, Mike shot him in the side of his leg where there wasn’t any armor. We approached him ordering him to drop his weapon, and asking what colony he had come from. His colony didn’t have a name, but the leader of the colony was named Ketan. We radioed back to the colony telling our commander what had happened, and asking if we should take the rifleman prisoner back to the colony. But, according to our commander, we don’t take prisoners. So, Mike was forced to execute him right there at the mine.

That night on the airship going back to our colony I spent the entire time wondering what would have happened if I was alone at the mine like that rifleman was.

Tick 26
We got a new batch of colonist today, around forty of them. It’s been two weeks since my squad was deployed to the metal mine, and I still see Mike executing that rifleman in my dreams some nights. Was it worth killing a man who was just following orders? Why couldn’t we just have taken him prisoner back to the colony?

Some of the new colonists that came in today were trained to join our military. Apparently the colony the rifleman was from got word of us executing him at the mine and is planning to attack soon. Reports say they have over a hundred infantry leaving their colony tomorrow. A few snipers were trained to defend the wall of the colony while us riflemen and commandos are meeting Ketan’s men out in the field. One of the snipers is named Sasha, she’s one of the new colonists that arrived today.

Tick 29
I was woken up by the alarm sounding in the colony, Ketan’s men were one tick away from our colony. It’s time. My gun nearly slipped out my hands from the sweat coating my hands. Our squad leaders were barking orders to get in formation in the courtyard. As we stood in formation, our commander giving orders for the defense to each squad, I looked around at everyone. Thirty riflemen armed with heavy armor, twenty commandos, and five snipers. Fifty five against one hundred. A lump grew in my throat as I realized the task at hand, we’re going up against an army twice our size.

I was snapped out of my own thoughts by my squad leader ordering my squad to march towards the main gate of the colony. As we approached the gate the giant metal doors creaked open. Trenches had been dug forty feet from the colony wall where we would hold the line with the commandos. As we took position in our section of the trench, Mike jumped in next to me. I could tell by the look on his face that he was just as afraid as I was. The guy that held his gun steady and executed that rifleman at the mine was gone, and replaced by someone visibly shaking in fright. Before I could say something to him and bullet hit the dirt right in front of me.

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Tick 30
Tick Unknown


please, do continue…


Love this! Well deserving of the like given. Please do keep the diary going


This is awesome. Keep up with the reports, soldier! We wan`t to know more.


10/10 would not send with an r5 squad… keep it up!


Added two more updates.


This is awesome! Keep it ip


Sometimes a tactical retreat is better than a bold defense.


Tick 30
All hell broke loose so quickly. I could barely focusing on firing my rifle as guys around me kept getting hit by enemy fire. Ketan’s men showed no fear as they charged at our defensive positions in the trenches, continuing to run at us as their comrades got picked off by sniper fire from the colony wall. Around thirty of them had already been killed during their charge, but now they were in the trenches with us. Two guys from my squad had been shot during the charge and were sitting on the ground holding their wounds, we didn’t have any medics. Mike and I were fighting side by side, doing everything we could to stop them from breaching our defense. As I sank my knife into one of the riflemen that had jumped down into our trench, I heard Mike gasp in pain. He had been stabbed in the side by one of the riflemen. I pulled out my rifle and shot the soldier who stabbed him, dropping my gun to pull Mike to cover next to the ammo cache in the trench.

We were losing. As I looked around us I could see nothing but guys I had trained with laying dead or wounded on the trench floor, and more fighting in the other sections of the trench. Our commander was telling us to retreat over our radios. Before I could request assistance to move Mike out of the trench two of Ketan’s soldiers started running at the ammo cache in the trench. My gun was on the ground where I had left it and I couldn’t get to it. I grabbed one of the MK48’s in the ammo cache and start loading bullets into it. The soldiers were at the door before I could get the bullets in and fire in time. Two snipers shots slammed into the side of them, knocking them into the side of the trench. I wasted no time getting Mike up and helping him get out of there. Our retreat was covered by sniper fire from the wall, there was only seventeen of us going back. While we were walking through the main gate of the colony Mike was shot in the back. One of the colonists trained in the medical field took Mike from me when we got inside the walls, my squad leader ordered me to take position on the wall. There was still sixty of Ketan’s men trying to breach the gate. Our snipers couldn’t keep up, and us riflemen were rushed in training so we couldn’t hit anything.

They began to plant explosives on the gate. Once they were finished they ran back to the trenches to take cover from the explosion. This was it, they were going to breach the gate and that would be it for us. I could feel the ground shake beneath me as the gate’s doors were blown off. Ketan’s men once again left the trenches and began charging at the colony. I could see my fellow soldiers around me give up as they got closer and closer. Some of the men even sat down on the wall and accepted their fate. A voice came over our radio telling everyone who was still on the wall to brace ourselves. We thought they meant brace ourselves for Ketan’s men getting inside the colony. But then a blue beam of light penetrated the clouds and cut into the ground right in front of the gate. It was so powerful many of us on the wall suffered burns from the heat.


Very talented writer. Please keep it up!


Tick Unknown
Something odd is happening today. We haven’t received any new orders from our commander. We’ve spent the last two days cleaning up from the battle with Ketan, you can still smell the scent of burning flesh in the air. No one knows who that ion cannon came from, but we’re forever grateful. The sun hasn’t moved in the sky at all today, it’s just been sitting in the middle since noon. Our scientists have no explanation for it, some have even taken it as a religious sign even though there is no established religions in our colony.

The gates still aren’t repaired, leaving us open to more attacks. Since we haven’t heard from our leader all day one of the snipers took it upon themselves to set some riflemen and commandos up on the wall as look outs. We’re going to need a lot of metal to repair the gate, our military and infrastructure is going to suffer greatly for it.

I wanted to visit Mike in the medical center but was stopped by a doctor telling me he wasn’t ready to be seen yet. Today has been a very strange day, no word from our leader, the sun not moving. It seems like time itself has stopped because all of the clocks stopped at exactly the same time all over the colony. People are scared.


The last sentence sort of justifies Tick unknown as the title.


I think I guessed the reason for the time stop in the colony.

Server was down so ticks were paused, and as we couldn’t login, they didn’t hear from their commander.:slight_smile:


Tick 510
Still sitting on the same outpost.


The commander bacame Jw or something?

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zian, spams normally get left all over random places later on in era. People forget they are there. Or he became jw, as u said lol.


Looks like the story of Private Billy from E1. I know the sad ending sadly :frowning: