Dank Meme Stash


Cosmin buying BD



Glad to see the important things are formulating quickly here


Longstanding BD players be like


I can’t even find the company online… anyone thinking their might be feature updates? Or at least a removal of the daily scheduled naptimes the servers enjoy…


The daily tick pause due to maintenance should now be gone. Updates are planned for the future


Finally! I’m am sure those potatoes with wires were getting overworked…


We can hope that Gato games will be the light at the end of the tunnel, and we all can hope right?


When you want an era to be over


When someone calls you at 4 am to get squads moving on a JW era.


When alex shuts down the server for maintenance.


made this a while ago


I last used this picture for the migration to the old-new servers (shared it inside TS), but I suppose its again relevant.

Server migration, 1940, colorised.


People liking everything to get badges be like


Whenever i am about to kill a sub member for causing problems with allies and he starts asking questions about my army movement.




but these replies must have 20 characters.


Fighting 3 armies by urself be like



Sub members to any other alliance on the map


Neutral alliances when you conquer someone and a bunch of conquers get liberated



All is fair in love and war