Coming back to the game

I used to play this game way back in the day, when it was still popular on Kong. Since then, the players/alliances and skype groups I played with, are all inactive now, and I’m wondering if I could join any new groups or alliances where I could re-familiairze myself into the game.

I was a decent player back then, but couldn’t play as much due to time contraints but with covid now I have time to kill, and could be extremely active. I would love if any alliance could adopt me, or anyone could add or introduce me to any discord groups so I could get back into this game.



Welcome back to the game @Thundershock888. The largest community of players still exists on skype. Pm if you’d like an invite there. There is a discord for the BDAcademy that is still somewhat active. The link for that is

Oh wow, I just kinda assumed everything had moved to discord. Gonna dig my old skype account of out to see if anyone I know is still active. Would you know of any skype groups for BD to join?

500+ guys here

Welcome back to happy fun time land!

Hey! PM me if you want to join a chill but growing discord :slight_smile:. We are a group of old BD friends trying to create a small discord community. All we ask is that you participate in friendly banter and adhere strictly to our #rules including no backstabbing and no planting (among others).

Is religious and political discussion allowed :popcorn:

As long as you’re respectful about it :slight_smile:. Freedom of speech, not freedom from consequences!

@Kaen :expressionless:


Add my skype, raph.battledawn

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Good to see more and more old players coming back