Come play Galaxy 3 Era 105!

Hello Commander,

Galaxy 3 has restarted. As per previous era’s, alliance size is 6, XPv2 is enabled.

The settings this era are:

  • Alliance size at 6
  • XPv2 Enabled
  • 1st Place Reward is 3000 blues
  • Additional reward of 600 blues for collecting all relics.
  • 100 blues for the other top 10 teams. So make sure to place and collect it. :slight_smile:
  • Joining alliances is back to the usual 24 tick requirement.
  • Each mine starts with a crystal.
  • Each top 10 team will receive 1 relic, owned by their leader, placed close to their leader/their hive within reason (no abusing, I’ll try to put each in a fair position)
  • Relics will not be moveable this era.

There will be various small events during the era itself, in addition to a generous early boost, so join up and let’s have fun!

– Alexander


Another galaxy world reset, another one I won’t plant.

Are you the admin on G3 @Alexander?

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I’m afraid so! Been a long time since I admined so expect some rust. Please warn me if you see any issues or signs of misconfiguring something.

I’ll do my best to make it fun anyway. Shame you won’t be there.

For anyone who will be, I always appreciate being in alliance chats. It makes things a lot more entertaining for me, and helps me help you faster too!


If I played 3 tickers, I would definitely sign up for this just to give you a hard time. Lol. Maybe some others will. :wink:

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How rude! And I’ve been nothing but nice to you!



Also, it’s a 6 ticker :stuck_out_tongue:



Oh God, that’s even worse!


@Cosmin1980 How bad do you pay your CEO that he has to Admin galaxy worlds :expressionless:


Surely you mean better! Nice and quick :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh hush, I’m just falling in for Kenny, it’ll be fun. You and me. Forever together. :slight_smile:


nah i’m good - posting so I can post more on the CE3 because of stupid forum rules.

Finally an era again with admin Alex , any takers Skype me

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Another free 100 BlueTokens :sweat_smile:

Moving the relic is the best bit, Make it so colony can be moved as relic and take out relocation

@Alexander for ur return I wait something good :smiley:

For the record, there’ll be another big bonus soon. It’ll be based on how many people join an alliance. Everyone gets it except @Hannibal_of_Carthage who is a traitor and a bad friend :frowning:



@Hannibal_of_Carthage Colin, what did you do?

He refuses to place on my world :frowning:

I would plant, if the bonus allowed me to conquer you and hold you hostage the entire era!

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i would plant if you gift me xp on CE