Colony Classes for late game

Has anyone considered classes?


Mining Tank

  • Can build an exclusive sixth building in the mining tree which grants even more metal per turn.
  • Armored units cost half the normal amount.

Oil Tycoon

  • Can build an exclusive sixth building in the oil tree which grants even more oil per turn.
  • Travel costs 33% less oil for your units.


  • Can build an exclusive sixth building in the conversion tree that lowers conversion rate by an additional 20%.
  • Increases metal and oil gain rate (shown as a bonus. Almost what Oil Tycoon and Mining Tank gets, maybe 33% less for balancing purposes.)


You would pick your class by building the sixth building in the tree. You only get one choice, though. Instant build instead of waiting.

EDIT: Give it a 24 hour cooldown if changing classes to avoid too much donor spam. Possibly charge reds to change class.


Charging reds would allow pay players to change class at will since as i recall from being a boosting player that i have no limit of reds. I spent as i needed.


I think the same can be said about most big boosters

Yeah, I edited my post to include a 24 hour class change. I mean, if people are willing to spend that kind of money on it… Make the change like 500 reds or something and GatoGames has a new way to bleed money from overly dedicated people. XD


Instead of that, how about the reciever gets 20% or 2k more(whichever is lesser) of the resource being while trading twice(or some resonable number) a day?

Regardless of bleeding or not, it will make the game unfair for non-paying players. So, the boosters will actually have a big advantage.


It already is unfair to free-to-play players. XD

I’m sure there are ways to balance this. I don’t have all the answers, but I think it’s a neat idea.

Also nice to see you again Kaen.


Nice to see you too, pal.

I think just having a time lock of maybe 6, 12, 18, 24, 30, 36, hours or something should be sufficient, with it going up by 6 hours with every use until you reach 36, in which case every transition should just be 36 hours apart. Or maybe have it go up to 24. That will give somewhat of an incentive for people to save their transitions until absolutely needed since the next one, they will have to wait longer for.

And possibly slap a price of metal or oil on top of that as well that goes up with every use until it flatlines at the peak of 36 or 24 or whatever hours.


I like that. It still allows boosters to get ahead, so there is incentive to utilize the class change to their benefit. However after 3-4 uses the class change becomes too time consuming and expensive, except for the most dedicated wallet burner.

So we’ve figured out the basics of how to avoid boosters from completely abusing this system too much. Next up is hearing from an admin to see if this is plausible before truly hashing out the class details.

2nd and 3rd op af at some point the problem isn’t making more units its how the fk am I supposed to move this big pile of crap

I would say you have just 1 chance to pick your class boost


Boosters aren’t invincible, in fact I’d go as far to say boosters are usually more reckless than a free to play player and therefore easier to kill. Brains always wins over brawn.

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Thats not an example of brains vs brawn tho. Thats an example of brains vs wallet

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And about that, I can say Kaen knows Brain always win.


Accurate. My wallet hasnt won once. Only times i won was because i got carried by good players

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I like this idea of adding mutually exclusive upgrades to the game. We need something that will liven this game up and this is honestly a good idea (although probably will need balance tweaking of course). Maybe other structure trees can also have a 6th option to increase the options players get.
IMO this should be implemented and tested in eras with the CUSTOM label to see if players want it implemented into the base game.


So I was putting some more thought into what the other trees could have as a 6th optional building.

Farm Tree: Enhanced Shelters

  • Decreased workers upkeep
  • Increased workers capacity to 1250
  • Nuclear shelters prevent worker loss from nukes

Energy Tree: Nuclear Reactor

  • Additional 2 energy/tick
  • Increased energy capacity to 750

Unit Type Tree: Military State

  • Heavily decreased army upkeep for workers
  • Decreased army overhead

Damage Type Tree: Elite Forces

  • All your units gain double the xp from battles
  • Gain resources from enemy units killed by your soldiers

Spy Tree: Superior Intelligence

  • Agent infiltration rate doubled
  • Spy travels twice as fast
  • Reduced energy costs for spy operations

Radar Tree: Remote Haven

  • Unlocks a unique outpost with a built in shield
  • 6 tick shield will trigger from any attack
  • Shield is automatically regenerated after attack and does not require energy
  • Shield can be jammed by spy operation

These are just ideas that popped in my head, maybe some of them are good?

Edit: Added Farm Tree and a couple minor tweaks


I think any add ons in terms of gameplay are a bad idea. Game has remained the same for years, and I don’t think new aspects like this would increase the player base, or keep more people around. Newbies have a hard time getting a solid grasp of the game in the first place


Gameplay changes keeps the game fresh and helps retain a player base. They should be implemented into CUSTOM era’s first and see if the general response is positive or not. Overall risks have to be taken.

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