Change to the tick countdown


After some talk in a chat yesterday there were some disagreement of the best way for the tick countdown to work. The way it currently work is that it estimates when the tick will end, and does a countdown towards that. But as most of you know, it’s not entirely accurate. The reason this is done is because doing the operations of the ticks takes time, and there is a que of world, so it doesn’t happen right on the dot.

My suggestion is to have the countdown count downward to when the tick engine starts it’s work ie. 15 20 30 00. Especially for less experienced players this would help as it’s way less punishing that the tick ends 15 seconds after the countdown has ended than 15 seconds before if you try to do an eot attack. But even for experienced players it’s easy to look at the countdown and make a mistake.

What do you guys think? Should it stay the way it is with the game trying to estimate when the tick ends, or a countdown that counts down to when the first server starts processing it’s tick?

  • Keep it as it is
  • Change it to when the tick engine starts

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Galaxy worlds sometimes even get 30s ahead or behind, most infuriating thing on the planet for eot attacks.


Just to clearify. This wouldn’t fix the problem of worlds taking longer to process ticks. It will only change what it counts down to: either an estimated tick end, or when the tick engine starts processing the ticks.


So then fix that first.



Not much to do to fix that. The tick needs time to process everything that’s happening.


I can understand that it needs to process game actions, but on worlds where barely anything is happening (it’s basically only counting minimal troop movement and resource gain) how can it be ahead or behind the actual game clock that is displayed to the user? Having your tick refresh at 00:45, or so delayed that you’re better off going back to the world list and re-logging is in it’s own way, game breaking.

Surely something can be done for that?


But it doesn’t just do that world, at 00, it does all the worlds. That’s usually when delays start to get back.

My suggestion would make sure it doesn’t pass the tick with 45 seconds left on the clock. But it wouldn’t lower the actual wait time any.


Then yeah that’s still applicable, wait time is different than it ending early.

Just a misunderstanding on my part. ;p


The tick countdown should be to the time you are last able to input a move. Anyone who knows better looks at a real clock like to make eot moves. The clock in game is basically entirely meaningless


Suggestion is basically to sync it up with


What about staggering the ticks slightly?
Deliberately setting them off a few seconds apart and timing to that?
Eg all 3 and 4 tickers occur at 15seconds past the tick time


I’d like Alex input on what’s actually feasible for him to implement.


im not sure if i understand correctly, but this kinda sounds like aids for actually playing. just have the timer reflect the time you are no longer able to input any actions, which is almost exactly when an hour turns on real clocks.

having the clocks show anything other than this makes 0 sense. people want to know when they can last input an action


So you’d prefer all the world to lock off at 0.00 and not allow anyone to add more changes until the tick has turned essentially?


yes, absolutely. right now the tick will roll at arbitrary times when considering the in game clock, and not let you make a change or move even if there is time left on the clock. What is the point of the clock if i cant use it to make movements? if i look at the in game clock i will get screwed over and die every important eot move i make.

not a single person i know uses the in game clock for eot moves. whenever newer people come along, one of the first things people tell them is never trust the in game clock. so why not fix it so its usable?


Yes that’s what I mean


Well in that case, you could give some buffer time between ticks( say 10 seconds maybe?) so that all the operations get worked out.

The timer’s say number of ticks per hour but not the duration of the tick so it will still be the same. For a 1 ticker it would still be 1 tick per hour but the tick duration will reduce to 59:50.

I’m not really sure how feasible or useful this will be, but then we can atleast trust the in game timer to be accurate and work based on that.