Change in Reward System

Current rewards:-

Most worlds go by 1st: 3000, 2nd: 750, 3rd: 500;
With the exception of E5 and M2.

Note:- I did not count 500 bonus tokens for 10 relic cap.

Many eras go by dead where barely 1 boost cap is hit. But some eras go wild and boost bars keeps popping off and primary reason being many teams involved in war. From this it comes off as very clear that boosting is a certainly one of if not the biggest indication of a very competitive era.

What i suggest is the reduction the base token reward to x < 3500 ( this number is arbitrary and i cannot come up with something without some external opinion).
But now we add a new factor to the token rewards: %tokens spent by every player on world.

So now rewards change to something like:
1st: x + %tokens.

This should be fairly simple to implement as it’s a similar application as of the boost bar.

This could be even expanded further to apply to #2 and #3 teams.
say a total of y tokens were spent in the whole era ( y includes both red and blue tokens ).
now take z = 80% of y and spread it across #1 #2 #3 teams accordingly.
So now rewards change to:
#1 : x1 + z * 75% ;
#2 : x2 + z * 15% ;
#3 : x3 + z * 10% ;

Note:- x1,x2,x3 are rewards for top 3 teams respectively.

Anyway I’d like to hear thoughts from all admins and players. And any change in the idea that might help improve the current reward system.
I’m not happy to see how some eras go by completely dead and i get 3.5k blues of sleeping good nights but some eras i have less than 1hr of sleep for consecutive days and the same 3.5k blues don’t feel enough of an reward.

Props to @Psi ,Idea was originally his.


Great idea, make a poll


IMO this can kill competition on worlds. Why would I play a world from the beginning instead of planting late on a world then building up and killing teams after they boosted a bunch. Soon multiple people will do the same thing and then its everyone not planting until they know people are boosting


Isn’t that what trolling is? It already happens. And still people will plant for the base rewards coz you know … Free blues?


Would make more sense if there was a bottom limit and then the percentage on top

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That is what i’m suggesting tho … bottom limit == base reward?

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If this was ever implemented, there should be a way in which the victor of a dead era should recieve less blues than normal. That would encourage people to boost and not just farm blues.

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Isn’t that exactly what he is suggesting?

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Lmfao i read the first paragraph then skipped to this, my apologies lol


yeah @Annonymu5

Have a look


Oh ok, another factor in deciding if the era was good or not would be to look at the number of battles or number of soldiers dead, that way even if by chance that there were some excellent wars in the era but not much boosting (ik this is rare, but it can happen) the victors can be awarded properly.


I’d include this but then people would complain that it’d be exploitable

You know people plant friends to farm them too…


I like this idea. Time to find out PLOs future eras :money_mouth_face: