Ce3 need to join sub pls


i am the rank 9 boat

i am looking to play in a B team or “sub” for CE3

i am currently on a roster for the A team for a notorious group of pakistanis but i really dont feel like playing with them for personal reasons AND i do not feel like staying up all night for BD. they are also beggars.

i will do my best to not be farmed by senatus - just point me in an area where Senatus is far far away

my skype can be found by searching johnnydoe9



will play with anyone, even the Pakistanis if they send me to a B team… thank you…

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Is this an actual alliance recruitment thread or should we create a new category- bashing the Pakistanis for this thread?

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they are beggars yes but i am also looking for team

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still doesn’t sound right ;(
my bad :frowning:

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i acc love u no homo

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