CE3, but its a solo 6 ticker


that’d be some real shit.

  • Yes, as described
  • Increase tick speed
  • Decrease team size
  • yes, but make it 20 relics too, just for grins
  • delete this.

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Voting decrease team size means to decrease it from the 1 person you suggested, right?


it would mean that there are no alliances, so nobody can mark eachother blue and get in the way of all the fighting. much more competitive that way.


I would go for a 120 ticker for some serious real time shit


Admin liked post. 120 ticker confirmed


I still dream about the BD LAN event that was once talked about with like 12 ticks per hour or more. Have a week long event, 2000 ticks as max.


@Cosmin1980 make it happen as a Gato Games one year anniversary event in Amsterdam.