CampNaNoWriMo Season


Apparently April is also one of those whacko months when nerds write stuff. The difference being that in November the set goal is 50k words, but in April you can set your own goal. So if anyone is interested, you can participate. Im currently working on it but unfortunately i can’t make it BD-related like the last time i wrote.

I didn’t want to post this but Miss Lamp guilted me into doing it so here it is.


50k Words? I never crossed 5k. I do have material to work with, though. I’m definitely gonna participate


I set the goal of 10-15 words, divided up into atleast 3 chapters.

I’ll make a start:




Tell lawmpers she must make her own guest appearance.


Sorry, what is this?


What’s lawmpers:crazy_face:…


An initiative to get people to write more in a competition-like format, it’s for amateur writers.

I’d say its presence in the BD community is, for better or worse, roughly 90% Lawmpy making people do it.


Where the hell do I sign up


Believe it or not, they actually have a website.

As i understand, the main event is in november, and there are 2 side events. One in april, other in August or July or something. For main month the goal is 50k words. For side events you can pick a goal of how mb any words or pages or hours you want