Bounty System on CE

Whaat if admins bring back Bounty System on this CE?

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They cant make any changes to any rules or mechanics of the game mid era. So this is never going to happen. Pointless topic


there is always room for improvement, if the whole community agrees with my suggestion then why not?

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I’ll volunteer as the escrow for the bounty system. If the bounty isn’t collected I get to keep the funds

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No matter if 150% of the community agrees with it (including the multis) there will never be any changes done mid-era. Alexander has made this clear.


What is the bounty system tho, can you explain it to me please?

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The bounty system is a system that will inevitably be abused.

Pretty sure that’s why it was taken away.


The xp system gets abused quite a bit as well. Any current-era rewarding of players for their battles will always end in players using their friends to get the upper hand. Thats why i feel the reward should possibly be cosmetic or after the era ends. Nothing that will give them the upper hand then and there.

You mean like those cosmetic medals pixels that people willingly break years-long friendships over all the time?


Pretty much. Them breaking friendships is better than players cheating and getting an upper hand over players that play fair.

The player hurts himself more than others by breaking their friendships. But with the current xp system and the former bounty system where you could just farm your friends and then disband your army when you’re about to die, not to give the enemy a boost, it hurt other players that play fair