Bonus tokens removed and no paypal checkout?


Why were these removed from buying tokens on BD?


bonus tokens saddened me i know its only 200 blues but still


Apparently you still get them when buying 1,000+ reds. But I can remember buying the 200 token package and getting a bonus 200 blue with it.


if you got that, that was most certainly a bug.

You were only meant to get 200 from lower packages once, on your first purchase ever.

The 200 blues per >1k package should still be there though.

Stripe should work with more credit/debit cards than PayPal did, unfortunately PayPal is a bit too much of a risk for a new company like ours with sudden income and many overseas employees. Sorry :frowning:


no pay pal doesnt help




First of all, our new payment system, Stripe, is also not hosted on our website. We never get your credit card details — try clicking it, you’ll see what I mean. It’ll redirect you.

Second of all, that just means you went to instead of It says nothing about our security, but it does mean you’re sending data to us in plain text.

If you go to our token purchase page, it automatically forces you onto and kicks you out if your browser can’t handle it. There’s no strong reason for this since we never get your data anyway, but it’s a requirement to get certified to be allowed to get paid by credit card.



thanks alex…


You still get 200 blues, getting a 1k reds package or more.
…you cheapo


Haven’t really needed reds to do well lately, no competition anymore