Black screen / PC crash

So I use Firefox to access BD, latest version, Win 10. Last days when I try to access BD the screen either stays black, or it literally freezes/crashes my entire PC. I reset Firefox which seemed to fix it for a bit, but now a few hours later it keeps crashing again.

Anyone else that has this problem lately?

Edit: cleared cache and cookies, still the same problemo.

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I know some browsers are starting to stop their support of flash. I get a message in Google chrome regarding the fact that they will stop supporting flash at the end of the year. Try using edge or chrome for now. Have you been playing on firefox this year? Is this something new in the last few days?

Haven’t been playing much at all but I logged a few times a week from Firefox, that was fine until a few days ago.

And yeah, other browsers are an option but it’s so inconvenient to have to tell Chrome to allow BD every time, and Edge I dislike.

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By means of an update: the problem is still exactly the same.

I suggest chrome or explorer. Works fine for me on both

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