Bit of Lore and filling the map

I was just thinking that we could kill two birds with one stone if we have special OPs worth say x5 the normal worth of an OP on raising appear before relics evenly around world maps guarded by elite units with XP. The point would be that the small amount of units guarding it would stop the rank 1 spamming them all and the resource/ workers will give other alliances who may have been crushed early a small boost to rush and go for relics thus extending dead worlds rounds as the more space there is the more could appear, im not saying fill the map but take the number of players planted and the number of OPs around into consideration to form a ratio for these OPs, say they are the precursers to the relics and smashed the previous civilization or whatever to give BD lore as gamers love that crap.

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bro let me drop some facts

this game hasn’t changed in… maybe a decade?

it aint gonna change tomorrow

stop giving new suggestions

and no one likes a competitive world. people wanna sleep and win. that is the dream. don’t try to change this.


Cianog I’m glad you are excited and sharing ideas. I hope that the Admins read your suggestions, and do take them into consideration whenever they create a new or improved BD


Meh we can only try or watch the game reach the point of only E5 being open and 20 players attacking each other for their 60th medal.



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