Betty (the nuke)


It is unclear why BETTY mode has not yet been added to the game files. It’s been two years, developers, get on it.

Don’t make me convert an entire Earth server to heed the good word of BETTY again.

BETTY is good.

BETTY is life.



Convert a server. I double dog dare you


Good to see you too, Big G. But a second coming should be unnecessary. All have witnessed the great blessings BETTY bestows upon her subjects, and thus all should be burning to live within her glorious napalm.


Close enough?


In your absence, the Oracles of Apollo and God Admin Theo have taken over the minds and hearts of this community. BETTY was forgotten until your return today


Blasphemy. There will be retribution.


What is Betty? Is this a joke I missed?


you dont know BETTY!!!.
BETTY the savior was responsible for wiping out the evil that was an alliance that i dont remember.
she launch and destroys armies and as well as keep them down for a while.
All praise BETTY.


Betty sounds like a bitch.