Best BattleDawn memory

whats your best memory of BattleDawn(it doesn’t have to be a win or something related to in game).

I’ll start with mine, it was back in 2011 maybe, i went to summer house for the weekend where i didn’t have a PC or internet, very rural village. I got a call to move my squads back to a new sleeping outpost, cause the enemy team was pushing too fast, so i had to walk for about 1 hour to reach an internet cafe, and move my squads(didn’t share accounts).

i took these photos while walking and i have no idea why, but each time i look at them i instantly remember how long i had to walk haha.


what’s your best memory?


It was my very first world on BD. I was just learning the basics, spamming Ilona’s inbox on what to do and the whatnots, and I remembered it took me some time to build my army, which I thought was pretty good, (I remembered running 60 armor - 60 damage - 60 inf, and was making everything on equal amounts lmaoo), and got straight-up murdered after I got out of protection. I remembered getting pretty pissed and decided to pm the alliance near my conqueror’s, telling him/her that I planted with a new account and was staying anonymous to get out of trouble and had an info regarding my conqueror’s alliance planning to backstab them at ___ tick. It caused a pretty big commotion iirc, and I haven’t really done anything significant in this game all throughout the years, but it was definitely one of my proudest moments, my conqueror getting f- up with my bs lie and got myself liberated. Definitely that one moment that made me say, “Holy sh-, this game is fun”

Best part of BD is when i wake up to a dead army , and go back to bed

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Honestly? Winning my first ever era was really special with UNIT, f2 era 48. I fought really hard and we were heavily outumbered, and I was honestly quite nooby to big teams at the time, having only ever led my own alliance (LotD) to i think our max ever rank was 4th? I was very proud and got my first ever medal from the era too.

Apart from that, this CE has been a highlight reel for me. DINO’s escape from NZ to me is still amazing and should never have happened! And Recently winning a battle against the odds against an alliance with 700 more power than us.

Hopefully CE can provide a few more highlights for me.

Overall I’d say the best part of this game has been the friends I’ve made along the way (yes genuinely). Good times. Good thread!