BD2 sugg: stats

I feel while the game is in development is the best time for suggestions and minor improvements as now is when the game is most easily shapable. One of the things i want to see focused is stats.

The game has a way of figuring out if you were trying to get a br or if you lost units (it massacres them instead of giving you a br if you had more than a single unit or something afaik). In the stats window it shows that i supposedly lost battles even when i know i ball harder than anyone else and never lose. I feel this should either be a separate stat or not counted as either loss or win.

  • Yes, change the stats to not include spam losses
  • No, leave spam losses as losses

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Another thing that would be neat would be account-wide stats. Like, every account would have viewable (possibly hideable) stats to track how many lifetime unit kills that player has, how many lockdowns completed (possibly only count the ones where the locked down units died or had a battle), how many battles won, spams used to br, outposts built, most outposts held in a single era, outposts taken, etc

  • Yes, account-wide stats would be nice
  • No, not needed

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Someone sending a spam with the rest of their team’s army should not count as getting kills. If your army sent is a single unit or a extremely low percentage of the total units involved, it shouldnt be counted in your stats as you getting units killed.

  • Yes
  • No

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There will most likely be players that want to complain that “they shouldnt be wasting time on this but instead be focussing on the game, etc.” as that is a common argument on suggestions. But please bear with me and just vote based on if you agree or disagree with the actual question and not what you feel someone else’s priorities should be.