BD2 News? Is this still in developement?

Like srsly you’re runnin a business and have customers that want to give you money??

We are like 2 years past the beta date with still 0 news on anything.

Like you had a really dedicated community with some big whales.

Damn it should not take 4+ years to create a turned based game

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I’d also be interested to hear about this. It’s almost like they scrapped the whole thing and decided to start over or something. We were only a few months from release as far as I knew…

I’d be down to test it if its still in that phase :stuck_out_tongue:

I mean, someone is still paying for this game to run, and it ain’t the players, because there’s none left

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All they had to do was to turn it into an html version so it can live after flash but nope instead they aimed for Earth Arena 2.0 . This is dead for a year now what a lost opportunity.

(Gonna re-read CE3 for the sake of fun times, can anyone provide link for CE1 and CE2?? )

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Yes sir

I think this is the first CE, unable to source the other as yet

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Above post is CE2. I’ll link the first soon

The first CE is spread among a bunch of threads
Play Free War Battle Games Online, Multiplayer Games, Strategy Games, Top MMORPG is the best summary but if you want to know all about the era in detail, I advise you read every thread during that time period. Many different ones were created for each major event/war for example
Play Free War Battle Games Online, Multiplayer Games, Strategy Games, Top MMORPG


Give us the news G who cares about NDAs at this point. If they ain’t gonna spend $ on the game they ain’t gonna spend money on a lawyer.

No can do. When they are ready to release information, GATO will

Gato tryin’ to steal my April fool’s strategy of showing up once a year with false promises. XD

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Long live Cbop!!!