BattleDawn Server Update - 2020.03.25

  • We enabled the multi-tick configuration for multiple servers. Currently, some worlds run from TE1 (the original), CE runs from TE2 and a few other worlds from TE3. These tick engines should run in parallel, we’ll offload more worlds to TE3 if it works well. Though we’ve already been using a second tick engine for havoc in secret for a while now…

Tick Engine should be significantly faster, more predictable and more stable.

  • We moved our services servers (the ones that handle your requests!) to a new system that should automatically add more if the server is having issues, in addition this should allow us to update the services without downtime.

  • We changed the internal networking, this should significantly speed up every action and server in the game, if you were not previously bottlenecked by latency or your computer.

  • We further split the game databases, this should reduce lag significantly on heavy actions.

  • AI will no longer spawn in places where players can’t place an outpost. This is for CE and may be removed again for other worlds later on request.


Does this mean we cant kill the server with big fights anymore :frowning:


probably still can, just would take a lot more to do so?

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You can, just, it will be far less probable to affect any worlds on other instances and it wont slow down the ticks on other backends.

There’s still 2 dependencies left that could potentially cause 1 bad tick to affect other worlds, but I hope/expect these changes to mitigate it sufficiently for them not to matter.

We’ve a plan to solve one if needed, the other would require a fairly major change to the code unfortunately.