BattleDawn has a new home


Hello Commanders!

We have moved Battle Dawn to Gato Games. Please be patient with us as there may be some issues. We hope you’ll like the forums.

Besides the visible changes and the small patch (Patchnotes 1.5.1a) we’ve moved the game to a cloud platform.

Maintenance should be gone entirely, future changes in server configuration should lead to much shorter (under 5 minutes) downtimes and latency around the world should be much faster (please bear in mind at first your cache will need to re-fill with everything, additionally our static assets still caching across the world.

Finally there will be some changes to the administration and methods used, hopefully for the better :slight_smile:


is this the new new client?

will I now have credibility from having been on the old new client?

I could use it.


Sure buddy, you can flex.


Hi Dawners!

Welcome to the new forum! It’s ours now :stuck_out_tongue: and we don’t need to share it.
I hope, we’ll have tons of discussions here, brag about victories, whine about defeats, sharing screenshots of territories and everything else that makes BD so unique.

We’ll do our best form our side of things to make you feel home :slight_smile:

Also, just like Alex said, not only the forum has a new home, the whole game has. There are a few changes (for example the payment methods) you may notice sooner or later and if there are any issue, feel free to PM us, or simply create a new thread here on the forum.


That means I’m an old client player too
Too pro


Not to burst your bubbles, but it’s still the same client, just on a new host and with a small update. The next Bd client will probably be a brand new game.


You have crushed my dreams, Gaurav.
However, brand new game? Im excited to see if that ever comes to pass.


I don’t think you could have sounded more sarcastic if you tried hahaha