BattleDawn Community Chats

As Skype has gracefully decided to bug out mid-CE, we’ve deemed it fit to make a bit of a list of ways to contact members of the BD Community.

The first, when it’s up, is obviously Skype. - This is the main way to contact players, every admin is on Skype and many are more than willing to talk to you, staff like myself and when he has some time Andrei included. You don’t need a microphone to talk on Skype, the BattleDawn community does not do voice calls frequently. Most of it is just text. There’s several unmoderated BattleDawn communities on Skype for various things, feel free to PM me or other willing players for an invite. :slight_smile:

Official - This is a bit of a less common but still much used option especially notable now as Skype isn’t working. There’s several Discords for BattleDawn out there, each unmoderated. I put together a temporary moderated option here:
You’ll be banned there for the same things as in game or on the forums. So be careful! It was put together in a few minutes, we’ve had admins create better ones we didn’t publish due the difficulty of moderating them, but since we can’t chat to them right now, this was sort of rushed… We’re likely to delete it once Skype is back up, but if players like it as lot, we’ll keep it. - Left fielder here, but the fastest way to contact me personally and it has a great mobile app. The chat can be reached at, we also have a news channel at

Please keep anything you need an admin response on in game. Anything else they do in their free, personal, time without being reviewed on it or us being able to do it for them if they can’t make it :wink:

*Alcohol Appreciation Society - To discuss our (mostly Leo’s) wild nights out, PM @Leobratce for an add. <-- dont, this chat doesn’t exist, it’s an example *


Leo should make that chat, though.

Anyone can edit that topic, it’s a Wiki Topic, so feel free to add your own!

Add me to the Smug appreciation society and stop abusing your powers as an admin Alex!