BattleDawn 2 releases on October 17th!

Commander, get ready to dominate BattleDawn 2!

Lead the descendants of the Earth back to their lost home to harvest the power of the avatars and conquer the world In the long-awaited sequel coming to Steam, Android and iOS on 17 October (09:00 PT, 18:00 CET, 16:00GMT)!

New Features

  • Use the mobile apps to make your moves on-the-go or play the game via Steam’s Remote Play or Nvidia’s GeForce Now to enjoy the full version on any supported device.
  • Enjoy the beautiful 3D world with seasons , ancient artifacts , marauding raiders and much more.
  • Level up and equip your avatar , the commander of your army, with items won in previous eras for devastating effects.
  • Delegate your army to a teammate as you sleep, letting them use it defensively and keep your army alive.
  • Keep it classic and play in a single speed server, go a little faster with a triple speed or try out the new 60 speed server , available exclusively as a launch event.
  • Learn the game on fast simulation worlds , build defensive turrets , earn tokens in battle and more as we continue updating and adding to the game based on your feedback!

Make sure to wishlist us on steam to help us spread the word and earn 400 free red tokens together!

Recruit your friends to play together, or you can use the in-game alliance finder to team up with others easily.

Want to discuss the game, ask questions or find a new team upfront? Join our official discord server.

Good luck, Commander!


Got an email about BD2 and downloaded on Steam to try it out. Don’t think I’ll have the time to seriously play though unfortunately.

Went through the tutorial and messed around a bit. The thing that caught me off-guard that it doesn’t seem to be a tick based system anymore. What’s everyone’s thoughts on this?