Ask an unskilled player anything


Hello, my name is Dennis/Denni. I go by Kaen.

My total time playing BD has been too long and a half. I played at least a couple eras in my time, only ever winning eras in which i was carried or there was no competition in sight. My skill level is well below average, as is my activity

My pastimes include waiting for the next tick, working 14 hours a day while still expecting to win eras, and sleeping.

I am a rather mild-mannered fellow that aims to do his best learning how to play this game and helping someone else along the way

Best way to describe me would be lower class, mildly attractive (but not attractive enough to get a gf) with a rather unsettling personality

Ask me anything.


My unicycle, for anyone that cares


what happened to your camry?


Sold it and bought a '16 veloster


Solid choice but I still preferred your audi.


I drive 40ish miles to work every day, and 40 miles back. Wasn’t worth the gas difference


It sure was a luxury but if you care about the gas mileage…should have bought a prius


I care but not enough to compromise my taste. I always wanted a veloster because they are small and i love how they look. Also, the only production car with 3 doors


Subaru wrx next car though


WRX are expensive though compared to similar cars, They dont get hit by depreciation as much.


For you? Thats a neat option. I was never into subarus myself but i love rally cars and watching rally racing, in which a lot of wrxs participate. Initially i was considering lowering my veloater amd modifhing it to look classy. Tint, purple paint, tinted headlights and taillights, vinyls, etc. But lately i have been reconsidering. Might raise it and put it on springs and add lights and bars to it for rally. Not so sure tho since i would need to make it awd.


Are you gonna win E1? :slight_smile:

EDIT: Also, who needs a gf when you’ve got a unicycle?


have you blossomed from your pupil stage and emurged a full fleged trap QT yet? if so hmu


Unfortunately not yet. Still going through the workout and diet.


Need i quote “unskilled player”?


I mean I won e1 once and I’m truly abysmal.

the secret is to be carried by milan :+1:


Doesn’t need to be skilled to win E1, I’m a noob, and I’ve won it.


Why did you stop sending me your trap pics why Kaen bb why


Because I’ve not been trapping for a few years. Need to get my body in shape again


My driving skill explained by my dashcam