Anish Mal's Antics 2


Well, this happened recently so I bet you guys would love to hear again from your beloved Anish Mal…

Erath 1, Era 50, Anish Mal contacted me and other 8 players to form a pre-made team for the next E1, we all join meet up and everything was cool, mid-era is when we start seeing weird stuff, not that he didn’t do weird stuff before, but it’s when start noticing it.

One of the first things we noticed was that when we were at war with the at the time rank 2 alliance, RIP, we were fighting and we needed as much help as we could get, since we had a couple inactive members and RIP had a sub nearby, we saw Castrotopus (Anish Mal) heading his army the opposite direction and I thought it was just the oil strategy, but at that time I didn’t quite understood it, ends up he wasn’t doing that, he was leaving is and going for a relic… at some point we noticed it and mentioned it and he said he wasn’t running from the battle, but guess what? He never turned the squad and that lead to major losses during battle, he the excused his decision saying he couldn’t be active due to his IRL situation, in this case job interview. Since this was the first incident we didn’t mind it that much and we were considerate about it, we made some gigs and gags about it and let it slip through. Now looking back at it, that was just so bad from him…
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[IMAGE 5] A little meme I did at the time, making fun of the situation

After that we had multiple issues with the alliances he set as our official sub or allied, from attacking some of our players to straight up taking the relics and crystals that supposedly belonged to us, we never knew what happened with that and never got the crystals back, though the allied eventually gave up the relics.


Later into the era, before it ended it was when it just got too shady and we all just realized what was up, the lies started to overwhelm the situation and things came to light. First of all, we decided to delay the era a bit to get achievements, after some of us got what we wanted we decided to end, but he wasn’t done and against all the others decision era was delayed over and over, in between achievements and swamping relics to members in order for them to get top 10. At some point Anish Mal made it obvious that he wanted to keep some relics and not give them away in order to get top 3, so he contacted a player to attack a relic of member, later we contacted that player and he said it was Anish Mal who told him to attack the relic, that was when sh*t hit the fan and we had to vote for other member to be the leader of the alliance, we just didn’t trust him enough at this point to be the leader and had that much power over the rest of the members.

At the end we successfully won the era and we couldn’t do anything about him, he sort of apologized for his decisions and but kinda shifted it into ‘’him ruining his reputation for the greater good’’, at this point I don’t buy anything from him, his actions led us to just don’t believe anything after all he did, and those things I’ve mentioned are only the ones that we noticed, no all he probably did. After we all went on him on the group chat he just didn’t say anything at all until the era’s end when he sent a message in celebration for the win like nothing happened, which we obviously didn’t appreciate, I still don’t understand how that was a good idea.
[IMAGE 8] yikes

Things I gotta mention, for fairness sake is that since the beginning he was very polite and ‘friendly’, which is what led me to think he wasn’t Anish Mal, even though so many people warned me that it was actually him, which makes me feel sorry for not believing them. Anyway, at this point I can’t tell if all that attitude of kindness and friendliness was genuine or he just wanted to cover things up.

I did some research about him and If I had to come to a conclusion (and this is only my opinion), for what I’ve seen, experienced and read about him, he developed and complex of superiority, he believes he’s above the others intellectually, he’s currently 15 years old at the time of this post, and since he was young he’s written, articles, poems and short novels. He’s also have an interest for different sciences since young age, all this led him to think that ‘’he isn’t like the other kids’’ as he is interest in things beyond his age. Since he’s quite young and hasn’t accomplished much so far, he wants to prove himself that he’s actually better and or smarter than the others, leading him to lie and manipulate others to get what he wants. Which, looking and the past and given the evidence, hasn’t worked well, contradicting the superior intellect he believes to possess.

Anish Mal, if you read this, you gotta change your attitude towards life and the others or you’re gonna end up alone. Do not bother replaying to this trying to prove any of this wrong, since no one will believe you. Change and improve as a human being before you dig your own grave.

This is a sequel to Excel’s post in the old forum


Damn, I was really hoping this was going to end with you guys kicking and killing him. Congrats on finally finishing the era though, I thought it was never going to end


I’m not trying to go after Castro hard in this post, but I met him after he conquered me in e1, we talked, yadda yadda. Eventually, he asked me to extend the era for him, which I did. He kept asking over and over though, and at one point recently literally wanted me to wake up at 2 in the morning to extend the era more for him, which ticked me off and I ended up not doing that.
By the way, is he actually 15? If so he lied about his age to me. Wierd.


I feel like there can be an “Anish Mal’s Antics” series with episodes coming out every 6 months or so lmao


we would have, but he was holding a relic, so kicking him would have meant extending the era and us having to take the relic off him.


Yh first time we all probably wanted you to delay, but at some point we just wanted to end the era, we truly didn’t want to play anymore but it kept delaying again and again.


The more I talk with other people the more info I get about him asking various players to jam our colonies and or gates, sabotaging some members of the alliance and making deals with other players under the table.


Speaking from your “sub” LoT3 here. I confirm to having been told to do all that. He also made us kick dusk over some beef from a previous era. I’ll write up a proper account of what happened this era from my perspective later (kinda busy rn).


Man, wish I still had my old screens to add up to this. He hasn’t changed ever since I know him, and apparently he likes to lie about his age a lot. 10/10 BD player

Never change, Anish. Your antics bring this community together, even if just to stomp on you.


He is 16/17 right? Yo soon for job interview?


Please do, I’m curious.


could be, but also could be a lie, can’t trust ANYTHING he says.


He’s probably like 14 or 15 in reality. Job interview? His mommy and daddy lend him their credit cards (for reds, of course).


Lol this guy messaged me on the last F3 era asking me to play with him, I gave him the benefit of the doubt and let him add me on skype. He then went on to talk down to me like I was an idiot, which ticked me off, before asking me how many reds I was going to buy for an era to play with him (keep in mind this guy was basically begging me to play with him) I ended up blocking him anyway. Then he messaged me again on F3 and I ignored and unread his message.

Flash Forward about 2 weeks and he adds me on skype again with a different skype, tries to feed more lies and I ignore and block again, definitely dodged the bullet here.


he is less than this i assume


I figured the way to know when you’re talking to him, if you talk to anyone who is persistent of you buying reds when you start the era, that’s Anish Mal, everyone who he wants to start playing with he ask them the same questions. He’s done the same to everyone I’ve heard of.


he’s born 2004, he’s 15


Yeah, boi asked me to buy reds once when I was gonna play with him, he ended up quitting the era like 100 ticks after he joined.

During a war era once I had a team and we were fighting really good and active players, he joined me and while we were fighting the real deal he was going for random crystals. His excuse was that the era didn’t matter to him so he wasn’t wasting time on it.