Aliiance name with the players in the Hall of Fame

I suggested to the admin of E3 that

It would be great if you guys also tell that in which alliance the top 100 players played in.

Referring to Hall of fame.

Just a small thing not that big of a suggestion but would be nice addition i think

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Oh Great thanks didn’t knew about this

thanks to that I figured out I had not played this game for 11 years


pse I mashtron njerzit ;p


ooooooo me nfund e gjeta nje.Smunda me gjet as edhe nje deri tani.HAHHAHA ah yes the good old time.
O vlla se mbaj mend kte fare :joy: :joy: :joy:

Kemi loz kundra ktu ndaj e mbaj mend un ;p

oooooooo qifsa pederi

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