Admins don't owe players explanations during investigations

I constantly see you entitled twats on here bitching about how admins aren’t responding to you about the complaint you’ve just filed or whatever you’ve just reported and honestly, admins don’t answer to you. They don’t owe you an explanation until they’ve actually had a chance to do whatever investigations and made any decisions. Enough of this rich kid attitude.

It’s like reporting something to your HR department and then being upset that they aren’t telling you everything they do step by step. Chill out and be patient.
If it happens that admins don’t respond at ALL or do anything and it’s been several days, that’s when you have valid reason to complain.

Honestly. The fact that we can have open discussions with our admins as much as we can is a fantastic part of the game and you guys take it for granted.


People were commenting on the fact that there was no admin response in 27-36 hour, not even an acknowledgment that they read the messages or were looking into the situation. All they had to do was reply, “yes, we will look into it”. Now stop crying about people crying. Your own inflated sense of self importance prompted you to make your own topic to complain.


Ironic. I’m literally complaining about your inflated sense of self entitlement. Please, tell me why do admins answer to you now? The problem was dealt with in sufficient time. Once again, admins don’t have to inform you of what they’re doing and why, it is a courtesy that is afforded to us which is much appreciated, but it is not a right.

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A few things,

People had complaints admins didn’t respond with an ‘investigating’. That’s a valid complaint. Some did get that response, but admins usually have a habit of picking one representative per side to argue with and with part of the communications being on Skype and two admins being involved… Things can get overlooked. Average response time on CE is pretty great right now overall, hopefully this issue won’t happen quite as often.

if it does, please contact me directly. I can, at least, assure you if admin is looking into it or not and perhaps prod the investigation along a bit, in addition to addressing the issue with your friendly neighbourhood admin.

As for explanations, we’d love to give them, but yeah, never going to happen. We don’t want to give people insight in our processes (and help them figure out how to cheat…) and we also don’t want to give people false hope (‘We think they’re multis and getting the last bit of info’ ‘found evidence they aren’t, oh well’).

A ticketing system would fix this (Open, Assigned, In Progress, Customer Response Needed, Resolved) but would also undermine this:

I’d like to point out there’s basically no other game where admins are this open with the player base, where they’re on first name basis with most of you guys. I’d also like to point out our response time remains even on the worst worlds (which we’re working on …) significantly better than the industry standard. A certain other game I used to be involved with was enjoying average response times over 3x slower than the worst single response time we’ve had last time I ran the statistics. Standard is 2-5 work days, 1-3 for a really good company. Having most answers given in a few hours during the weekend even is pretty ahead of the curve.

For sure, the admin team can and will improve. We are always hiring and always trying to improve a bit more. Not trying to claim they’re perfect at all.

But, it’s worth mentioning they’re a lot better (in my opinion) than what any other game can offer you, in addition I think this is the best team Battle Dawn has ever had. Response times are quantifiably lower than ever before in both average time (we’ve multiple worlds where it’s just a couple of hours… And that’s just the in game PM’s let alone Skype…) and max times, admin actions (we count their total acts in their role) are high and have been on a way up for a long time now.

Tl;DR, sorry it goes wrong sometimes (and yes, it did a bit ago), but it’s going wrong less and less often and we’ll do our best to reduce it further as much as we can. I have a lot of faith in our little band of misfits.


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Finally some common sense to shut up Excel
Praise the lord