Admin Standards

So, I don’t know if this is an issue per say, but I have in recent weeks seen a bit of discussion about what standards admins are held to in terms of professionalism.

Not calling anyone out in particular but I would like a clarification from the team in regards to this, as some of what has been posted is (in my opinion at least) unprofessional coming from an admin.

I do understand its CE and they are still players, but admins are supposed to be the shining light of BD players. Best and brightest so to speak. Should be trustworthy for newer players or even veterans to play with and friendly and held to higher account. They shouldn’t be dragged into flame wars on the forums.

As I said, CE is obviously different and unique but I thought I would mention it just to get a clarification on what standards they are held to.

Thanks x


So we are talking about Gaurav right , cause i cant think of any other admin active anywhere involved in flame wars.


Kenny has been dragged into some too but as far as I can tell he’s maintained his composure. This thread wasn’t created with the intention of flaming anyone, I just wanted a public clarification of what standards admins are held to and that I thought some of those standards should perhaps be raised in light of some behavior I’ve seen.

Just a concerned member of the community here. I’m trying to look at this from the angle of a newcomer to the game/forums and what experience they would have and admins should be approachable, respectful and respectable in ALL facets of the game, players or not.

If I were a new player I wouldn’t expect some of the behavior I’ve witnessed to come from an admin and it would overall make me question the platform.


I know I’ve specifically made some comments calling out various (what I see as) bullshiterry that crosses the line a bit. There’s a difference between trying to create a public narrative and trying to create a lynch-mob to get various people banned.


Agreed. Being made an admin while CE was going on was probably not for the best. Hard to turn off player G on the forums in light of the era. You’ve my promise I’ll live up to the higher standards that should be expected from an employee of Gato.


Admin standards I believe are set by their supervisor @Alexander. Gaurav and Kenny are new admins, made admins during CE. They are still learning the administration policies I am sure, but please do remember they were already on CE as players before becoming admins.


@Leightchie lol u full of shiit with this topic.
Missing your master?


I appreciate this reply and respect the situation in general.

This is an extremely valid point. I don’t think I worded my post in the best way this wasn’t intended to flame either @Gaurav or @Kenny or anyone else for that matter. I was just curious on the standards and I did want some sort of response from the team on it.

I’m really lost on what this is about but seems a bit uncalled for? I’m a neutral party my dude I’ve quit the game and am JW. I dont have the time or energy to play atm and might not even have the means soon. Keep your nasty comments to yourself.


@Leightchie maybe it seems a nasty comment but for me it doesnt seems right u point new admins .
They are normal players in ce and since u are neutral why u dont point the new owner of this game and the way he acted and treated players bcz his team was loosing.
Being neutral u have to point out both sides not only 1 side.
Peace and love @Leightchie


I believe with regards to Guarav the feeling is for newer people he is seen as a person in authority with in depth knowledge by virtue of being an admin so should be held to a hire standard even if he is just a player in CE, (not attacking here i enjoy reading his posts just mentioning where a lot of the hate comes from )
That being said i would like to protest clickbait i thought we would be talking about standardized banning rules etc.

@Irrational i hate clickbait too but it brings a good ROI in the end so clickbait ftw :grin:.
About standarts u cant start from admins u have to start from lvl 0 than to lvl 3.


I absolutely agree. This wasn’t just aimed at Guarav.

There needs to be higher standards in place for the conduct of Gato employees AND transparency on what standards they are to be held to. That starts at the top.