Admin Roster April 2019


As part of our ongoing effort at Gato Games to improve our responsiveness, we’re re-assigning admins on the next starting era’s (with some potential exceptions due vacations etcetera).

We have decided to assign them as follows:
Earth 1: Simen
Earth 2: Joe
Earth 3: Ilona (temp)
Earth 5: Tom
Mars 1: Joe
Mars 2: Tom
Mars 3 : Josh (temp)
Fantasy 1: Joe
Fantasy 2: Tom
Fantasy 3: Elcent

Mars 3 will be a temporary world for an event to be announced later.

While this roster may still change based on discussion with and between admins, we will aim to provide future rosters in new topics. We hope to revise and shuffle worlds on a semi-regular basis.


how nostalgic


For sure!!!

I am really looking forward to e3! For some reasons and a bad timing, I am on vacation from the 7th till end of april, so it won’t happen as soon as I hoped I can do it. But when (end of next era) I am back, I’ll be back :smiley:
Inclusive world chat games, random tokens for guessing my music hints for coords, garrisons and so on. Basically a recap of some years of E3 in just one era :smiley:
I hope I see one or the other older alliance over there (no… bad alliance tags will still be renamed) and a lot players that I don’t know yet.



There’s been a mistake made. Mars 3 should read -Admin Gaurav


Wheres my admin role ;////


wowieeee nuuuuuu!! @Alexander !! where are u in this rooster :frowning:


He retired from being admin, you guys made it too boring for him.


When can we expect this m3 event era?


I’m stepping back a bit, I may admin a bit in the future, but we have a large team of competent admins now and ideally I’d like to support them and worry about the overall game direction, opposed to doing one of their jobs :slight_smile:

I’ll still be here, as always, and I trust Simen to do very well at Earth 1. He is an excellent admin and he was one of my personal favourites when I was a player.


everyone’s favourite admin was objectively seth, noone else came close.


We all may differ on who is the best admin, but I’m sure we all may agree on who is the worst admin.


ur average cuppa… :# :wink:


wow holy whiskers this is awesome! alex ily


Cartyyy is in the house!!

Now we can ban him, #bancarter


Alex is going to be admin of BD EA now, hence he is steeping down from Com admin role.


So it means I’m not playing E2, E5, M1, M2, F1 and F2.

Gotta give a try to E3.

Okay, I’ll build a house on E1.




Joe once banned me and my brother for placing in the same world even though we messaged him about it and he never said we couldnt in reply


Well, for that I’d have done the same, it’s against the rules same IP in the same world. But, there is an exception when you ask before you do, he might allow it.

And for him not replying you, well, its Joe. : D


In every world we plant together, we message admin first thing. Admin says either, yes, you can, or one of you will be deleted off the world, as per the rules. However, he didn’t even consider the message, he just went DURRR and banned us. Took a while to fix it, too.